Friday, January 02, 2009

Boost Music: the Burning Hell

The Boost: Canadian Music and Boost: Canadian Film and Television were created a few months ago to get Canadian music, film and television in front of more eyes. (See the bottom of the post for more info.) Since not everyone wants to join the groups or has a Facebook account I've decided to start posting them here as well so:

A little more for you this week than usual, this is a 6 song 'video ep' of "the Burning Hell" playing live (the live shows are amazing)

Have a look, watch, rate and comment (if you have a YouTube account) at

If you like it, click on the link below to share it on Facebook

And if you ALOT join the Facebook Group at

Boost: Canadian Music is a Facebook Group that, once a week, asks people to watch a music video on youtube, rate it, comment on it and share it on facebook if they like it. There is frequently a link to a facebook group, page or other source where people who like the music can find more information or keep up with the band. Canadian artists frequently have little or no money for marketing/promotion - this is a small step to try and help them out by putting their video in front of as many eyes as possible.

Boost: Canadian Film and Television is a similar group, formed for similar reasons that sends out trailers, teasers or clips for Canadian films or television programs.

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