Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh No Forest Fires in Exclaim

Toronto's Oh No Forest Fires would like to point out that they got a really excellent review in Exclaim!.
"Canada continues to dish out quality pop rock acts frosted with idiosyncrasies bred in the touch of winter seclusion. The War On Geometry is an apt title for this hefty EP rife with bullet blasts of well-calculated math rock peppering the precious Can pop chameleon prince body that nobly leads the way through most of the disc's seven tracks. It's like snipers of weirdness lay waiting inside the psyches of the scruffy members of ONFF, who, to outward appearances, are accomplished, polished, even stately composers of epic, almost saccharine pop gems. These defenders of the strange sometimes barely fix their sights on a song, but when those trigger fingers get itchy, the bullets do fly and that princely construct of a band that'd fit in opening for the Arcade Fire or R.E.M. are riddled with holes, staggering and twitching under an angular post-punk assault that refuses to allow the songs of ONFF to maintain traditionally comfortable shapes or structures, leaving the chameleon prince bleeding out its internal oddities. War on, good sirs. (Independent)"
I caught these guys at Rolly's Garage last Saturday and Exclaim! is right, they were pretty awesome and had an incredible amount of onstage energy - though that may have something to do with Rolly's Garage not being heated and a desire to stay warm.

Oh No Forest Fires - It's Not Fun and Games Unless Someone Loses and Eyes

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