Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boost This Week

If you don't know what Boost is already check the bottom of this page for details. So, this week:

Boost Music:
the Pack A.D. - Making Gestures

Boost: TV and Film:
Bruce McDonald's Pontypool

Boost: Literature and Boost: Art are still growing fast but given that each has only a few hundred members right now I just sent out links to good resources: View on Canadian Art and the Quill and Quire blog.

Boost: New Media - is just barely getting started - nothing there yet.

Boost is a collection of Facebook Groups designed to promote Canadian arts and media. Once a week a message goes out to each group promoting a particular artist, group or resource. The groups include Boost: Canadian Art, Boost: Canadian Film and Television, Boost: Canadian Literature, Boost: Canadian Music, Boost: Canadian New Media.

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