Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Which Health Nuttery Abounds - Questions Included

Hi again.

If you've taken a look at some of my other web assets, you'll have caught sight of pictures I've taken of myself and posted. One thing the photos will make instantly clear: I've got eyesight issues.

There's no use in hiding the fact. But it does serve as a springboard for something else that's been nagging at me for a few years. To explain in detail: I'm nearsighted. Beyond the extended reach of my arm, it all starts to blur a bit. For a few years recently, there was a time when it seemed like my vision was improving to hear my eye specialist tell me.

But the process of keeping my eyesight issues in order was made more difficult a couple of years back when the first post-Harris provincial government was installed. You might have heard about the de-listing of eye exams. Bad enough that they'd been demoted from "annual" to "every two years". But this? I need my eyes for my work, whether it's data entry or drawing the latest panel of Local Hero. And eyeglasses or lenses - take your pick - aren't cheap as it is. Heck, even if you're able to get a job with extra health benefits beyond the basic minimum as defined by the province at any given point, it still isn't cheap.

Eyesight is not a luxury item for me.

The next thing up, and I have to admit up front that I'm not sure how it works right now: allergy issues. A few years back, I went to an allergy specialist to deal with some Spring issues. Nothing special, thousands if not millions of us have the same sort of Spring issues and we all cope to varying degrees. I was told that it would take about three years of injections, several times a week. This would be a pain as far as holding down a day-job was concerned. The biggie, though?

It would not be covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan(OHIP).

Not good. I don't know if this has changed in Ontario since then, and I also don't know if the same situation obtains elsewhere in Canada nor to what degree. I'd be glad of anyone speaking up to explain what they know about this.

The other major health issue the state of which I'm not quite clear on, although I suspect that it too is treated as a luxury item: mental health services. Specifically, the classic "psychiatrist/psychologist" appointment set-up. I could use some fuzzifying of the muddification - Allan Fotheringham, forgive me for the rip-off, please? - on this particular set of services. If memory serves, it's also very much on the "luxury item" list these days, unless you've got the right private-sector supplementary provider.

For a lot of people who fall between the top and the bottom of the income ladder, this will be a headache. If I've remembered correctly.

I started this posting out intending to write a rant, and now it's turned into a shopping list of questions.

Too many questions.

Help decide the future of CBC Radio 3

Steve Pratt of CBC Radio 3 has posted an online poll to get your feedback on the future direction of R3.
The results could have an effect on everything from our music playlists to future website offerings, and from R3TV episodes to weekend radio programming. There’s also a few questions about how you use web radio – we want to keep making it better and better, but we need to know when you’re listening and for how long in order to do that.
Visit and vote.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Go Over the Top in Toronto This Weekend

The Over the Top Festival is coming to Toronto this weekend.
"April 30 through May 4th at select venues, which includes film premieres, rare musical performances and exciting theatrical productions. Each year the festival continues to grow, having started with just three events seven years ago and now it numbers nearly three dozen."
Many of the events this year are being sponsored by CBC Radio 3 for a list of their sponsored events visit the R3 blog. A full listing of the events, as well as venue and ticket information can be found at For specific dates see

Film Schedule
  • April 30

  • May 1

  • May 2

  • May 3

  • Music Schedule
  • May 1

  • May 2

  • May 3

  • May 4

  • Hilights, in my opinion, include
  • Rock Plaza Central at St Stephen in the Fields

  • Woodhands with Bobby Birdman May 1 at Sneaky Dees

  • the Wooden Sky with Rebekah Higgs and Major Gray May 2 at St. Stephen in the Field's

  • DD/MM/YYYY 7" release - - -> w. Shpilberg, Revolution Love, Machetes at the Whippersnapper Gallery May 2

  • A Balancing Act - Film - TorontoPremeire at the NFB

  • Will Currie and the Country French + Laura Peek at St. Stephen in the Fields May 2

  • The D'Urbervilles at Ukula May 1
  • Essential Service Time

    Regardless of how you feel about the TTC or unions in general it is undeniable that the TTC is, and should be declared, an essential service. When Bob Kinnear called the strike at 11:10 on Friday night he said it was to prevent exposing union members to "the dangers of assaults from angry and irrational members of the public". That the public likely would have been angry and irrational is a demonstration of how essential the TTC is.

    I talked to several people over the weekend and today who were in danger of losing jobs, were unable to obtain groceries, were unable to obtain prescriptions etc., If the strike had lasted into the week, and had not been called off by the Provincial Legislature, there were alot of people who's children wouldn't have been able to go to school, people who would have missed medical appointments and again people who definitely would have lost their jobs.

    What's more the TTC doesn't just affect transit riders. The absence of the TTC means more cars on the road - causing more pollution and slowing everyone down, it means a drop-off in business for many areas of the city and lost revenue for the owners of those business as well as for employees.

    In a city where the cost of driving (+ gas, parking and insurance) is prohibitive for many and where people are generally encouraged to find alternate forms of transportation shutting down the TTC is, for many, the equivalent of shutting down all the roads. The union's leaders cannot even claim that they are standing up for working people. By calling this strike the hurt the livelihoods of many of the working poor and that damage would have been far worse if the province had not intervened.

    I am all for the workers of the TTC getting a fair deal. I believe though that the time has come when, if they cannot get that deal at a negotiating table, they will have to try and get it from a judge in arbitration. The city of Toronto simply cannot be held hostage to the demands of one side or the other nor is it acceptable that the poor, working poor, children, university students and the elderly simply be written off as collateral damage.

    The TTC has alot of work to do. They have to find ways to cut costs while expanding capacity and service. They certainly have to start taking complaints from the public seriously (which they currently do not) but first things being first the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario must declare the TTC an essential service - on part with police, fire and ambulance services and assure the public that there will never be another strike.

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Eyes on Toronto May 5

    Eyes on Toronto Returns May 5 with what promises to be the best show in at least a month.

    Coming up this time around, are Ed-Gass Donnelly, writer and director of This Beautiful City, Comedian Jeff McEnery, and the Toronto debut of the new look Diabloeros. Seriously, what more could you want for 10 bucks on a Monday night? So be there - 8:15 pm, Monday, May 5 at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street in Toronto and if you really can't be there in person - watch live online at

    This Beautiful City by Ed-Glass Donnelly recently swept the ACTRA awards, taking the Best Actor (Aaron Poole), Best Actress (Coroline Cave) Awards and has been showing to rave reviews at film festivals across North America.

    MTV Feature on This Beautiful City

    Jeff McEnery has won Yuk Yuk's great Canadian Laough off, "Best Stand Up Newcomer" at the Canadian Comedy Awwards, and has appeared on Just for Laughs" and the "Global Comedy Fest".
    Jeff McEnry on the Great Canadian Laugh Off

    After releasing the critically acclaimed "the Diableros Aren't Ready for the Country" Toronto favourites the Diableros came close to being over. But, just a few short months later the band is back with a new lineup and will make it's Toronto debut at this month's Eyes on Toronto.

    the Diableros - Sugar Laced Soul

    Plus DJ Medley of Hello Saturday's at Revival. Remix this Wednesday's

    Theatre in Her Shoes: Footprints Reading Series

    I am not a woman working in theatre. Not being a woman instantly disqualifies me. However, if I were a woman working in theatre, in Toronto or anywhere else, I would be watching this closely and offering it my support (which I do anyway, qualified or not.) Theatre in Her Shoes is a Toronto based Theatre company that aims "to create professional theatre that fosters the growth of the female voice in Canadian theatre, in an inclusive and supportive environment.".

    The company's first event The Inaugural FOOTPRINTS Reading Series is coming up on May 2nd at the The Somewhere There Lounge 340 Dufferin Street (1 block South of Queen, Melbourne St. entrance) Doors Open at 7:45pm/ Performances at 8pm. Admission is $5 and "will feature readings of new works by diverse selection of emerging female artists".
    The May 2nd installment of Footprints presents selections from:

    Steph Berntson's "Home/Quart"
    Alison Broverman's "Julia Smells"
    Noa May Dorn's "The Caryatids of Modigliani"
    Sarah Mackie's "Black Dahlia"
    Haley McGee's "Mission Bird"
    Stephanie Sinclair's "A Girl Called Blue"
    Charlene Rockwell's "Sold"
    Motion's "Woman/Enough"

    7 New Blogs

    7 New Blogs have been added to the aggregators today.

    Two More in the Canblogs.

  • the End of the Information Age

  • Two Way Monologues

  • and 5 more in Band Blogs Too

  • Colleen Brown

  • Dan Managan

  • Hey Ocean!

  • Slim Twig

  • Vancougar
  • Free Colleen Brown Downloads

    People have had alot of very nice things to say about Edmonton's Colleen Brown. Things like
    "Why is this woman not celebrated across the country? Her second album, a stellar collection of rootsy piano-pop tunes, proves she is a national treasure in the making -- along the lines of Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot or k.d. lang." Sandra Sperounes, The Edmonton Journal
    and like
    "Perhaps the mark of a real songwriter shows when some of their best songs can come from the simplest inspirations, or the sparest musical ingredients. Singer/songwriter Colleen Brown seems to have figured that out. Brown has a vibrant, clear, compelling voice and a real gift for injecting vocal dynamics into the way she phrases a lyric." -Roger Levesque, The Edmonton Journal
    Now you can see for yourself why they are saying all of these things. Colleen Brown is the latest artist to make some songs available in the Podsafe Download are of the site. If the songs offered there aren't enough, you can also listen to one of her Edmonton Shows at CBC Radio 2's Concerts on Demand if that's still not her album, I'm sure she'd be ok with that too.

    Belated Self-Introduction

    I finally agreed to start contributing to the house weblog of this past month. It was something that I'd put off for several years for reasons I won't get into here, but most of them were simply matters of time management on my part. In the process, I ended up simply posting my earlier rant on rogue car drivers without so much as a self-introduction. So, to correct that mistake, here's a quick and dirty self-explanation.

    My name is Dwight Williams. I live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, trying to earn a living through jobs in several fields ranging from general office work to writing to illustration. That last has been my ambition since childhood and I've been published several times as an artist in recent years. Courtroom art, op-ed cartoons for local weekly newspapers, and most recently, two comic book projects with varying degrees of success.

    My current comics project is a mini-series called Local Hero, written by Ian Gould of Australia, one of that nation's comics retailers. It's a mix of superheroics and police drama set in the not-so-rural backwaters of Florida, and I like what I'm doing for that.

    I've been involved with almost from the beginning, having designed the logo that decorates every page of this site and I serve as the part-time manager for the spin-off Google Group, Comics and Animation Canada. Despite its name, it is not a federal department or agency and we don't plan to ever misrepresent it as such. I hope that everyone with an interest in Canadian-created/published comics and animation will make a point of dropping in and joining the fun.

    I'll be dropping in from time to time here to post on whatever subject seems appropriate. Meantime, you can check out my own weblog, which links to a few other sites you might find worth some time to explore.

    Thank you, Justin, for the invite and your patience in waiting for me to make up my mind.

    the TTC, retaliate appropriately

    I have had several messages today suggesting responses to the TCC's walkout. Personally I buy tickets not passes so seeking a refund won't work for me. A TTC boycott would hurt the TTCs bottom line (as well as the city of Toronto) but wouldn't affect the transit workers who get paid the same whether their streetcars, subways and busses are empty or full.

    I fully understand people's anger and frustration though. Friday's unannounced walkout was a kick in the groin to poor and middle class people across the city, as well as visitors to Toronto and had no affect on negotiations. It was, in other words, an attack on customers and not part of a labour dispute. I'm sad to say that this is not all that surprising to me. Since the start of 2008 I've had to move quickly to avoid a streetcar that made no attempt to stop at a crosswalk (with the flashing yellow lights) although they had plenty of time to do so. I've been refused a transfer without an explanation. I've seen several TTC vehicles run red lights and have seen TTC drivers antagonize and provoke passengers without cause. I'm afraid that I can no longer consider the TTC workers a part of the labour movement, or even worthy of consideration and respect.

    As to the current situation, I've had several discussions with a variety of people about this. So far the move by the TTCs union has been unanimously condemned, even by labour supporters and members of other unions. So, while I think a boycott is inappropriate, I do have another idea. In response to the TTCs employees unprovoked attack on riders I urge you all to become the TTC police. Take a pen and paper with you when you ride the TTC and report ANY (even mildly) inappropriate behavior, language and certainly traffic violations to You should also report it any time the TTC fails to run on time. The TTC's employees chose this weekend to have an adversarial relationship with the people of Toronto. This is the best way I can think of to respond without any unintended victims.

    I would also urge the TTC union's leaders to make a full apology to the people of Toronto - an apology without explanations, excuses or attempts to place the blame elsewhere.

    As to preventing things like this in the future. I would urge the city, province and federal government to alter the current labour code. If management and union officials cannot reach an agreement within 48 hours of a contract expiring it should automatically and immediately, be sent to binding arbitration. Both sides lay out their case, on any outstanding issues, before a judge who makes a decision on what's fair and that becomes the new contract. This should not only apply to the TTC, but to any and all labour disputes. If either side doesn't like the idea of binding arbitration then it gives them that much more incentive to get the contract done before it reaches that point.

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Said the Whale Album June 5

    The new album (officially the first from Said the Whale) will officially be released on on June 3rd, but the CD Release party isn't until June 5th at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. From
    "I'm not sure if we have ever officially announced this...but we have a new record coming out! It is called "Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia", and is a combination of our first record and 7 new songs that we recorded in November. It will be in stores June 3rd, and to celebrate it's release we are having a party at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. Joining us on the bill will be our friends Lotus Child and Maurice. That show will also be somewhat of a tour kickoff party for us, as the next day we'll be booking it accross the country for the worlds fastest Canadian tour to date. Stay tuned for more info and songs from the new record!"
    You can check out a brand new Said the Whale track "My Government Heart" on their Myspace page.

    Said the Whale - This Winter I Retire

    Upcoming Toronto Events

    From my facebook group Events Toronto.

    Saturday, April 26
    An All-Cause Rally

    Kristin's Fundraising Salon Recital, No. 2

    FEEDBACK Short Film Festival - at the NFB

    Sunday, April 27
    WORKING CLASS ROCKSTAR Doc about the Music Industry

    Monday, April 28

    Fringe Brittania: "The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval"

    TALENT MONDAY's at "The Supermarket"

    Tuesday, April 29
    Will Currie & The Country French CD Release Show!!


    THE DANK! staying up late on a weeknight.

    Wednesday, April 30
    PWYC Weds w/ Halleluyah, Secret Japanese Girlfriend, and Justin Chee

    The Cody Rivers Show

    Thursday, May 1
    Legacy: Social Networking Series

    Girls Fall Down Toronto Launch

    Contact 2008 @ The Gladstone

    The Riv presents: REID JAMIESON w/Annelise Noronha - May 1st/08

    Friday, May 2
    Contact 2008 Launch Party

    The WOODEN SKY w. Rebekah Higgs and Major Grey

    Rue Morgue and Daniloff Productions present Justin Erickson's PIN-UP GHOULS

    The Inaugural FOOTPRINTS Reading Series

    DD/MM/YYYY 7" release - - -> w. Shpilberg, Revolution Love, Machetes

    TWM Presents: The Job, Invasions, Leonids, and Diamond Teeth

    Monteforte @ the Horseshoe!

    Saturday, May 3
    The MSU Harry Partch Ensemble (Dean Drummond, Director)

    TWM Presents: The Antiqs, Vestaloynes, Burn Planetarium, & Boogie Infection

    Tuesday, May 6
    Second Pass Live at Velvet Underground

    Thursday, May 8

    Friday, May 9

    SERENADES Judy Kang, Violinist

    Sick Kids Foundation Benefit Show

    Monday, May 12
    VTO eight: 3 nights of creative music par excellence!

    Thursday, May 15
    T.O.N. Presents: Sexy Schmooze

    INTEGER [+101-] LIve @ Clinton's MAY 15.

    Sunday, May 18
    Second Pass Live at Lee's Palace
    April 14-May 2
    Toronto Free Library
    Book Drive: Toronto Free Library needs your books!

    Thursday, May 22
    Drop Your Shorts 3


    Friday, May 23
    2008 Green Toronto Festival (May 23 and 24)

    Sunday, May 25
    The Harmony of Tea & Music


    Thursday, May 29
    Tightrope Books Launches IV Lounge Nights!

    Saturday, May 31
    Pillow Fight Toronto 2008

    Million Dollar Youth Concert

    "Cycle of Fear" Movie Premiere

    BRITE! - A fundraiser for Newmindspace

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Kate Maki Tour Dates

    Dates have been announced for the upcoming cross-Canada Kate Maki tour. There is also a new Facebook Group if you'd like to follow along and be reminded when the tour swings your way!

    Your chance to see Kate will be
    May 8, The Cavern: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    May 10, The Velvet Underground: Edmonton, Alberta
    May 11, The Boomtown Casino: Fort McMurray, Alberta
    May 12, Paddy McSwiggin's: Fort McMurray, Alberta
    May 14, The Canmore Hotel: Canmore, Alberta
    May 16, Lorenzo's Cafe: Enderby, British Columbia
    May 17, The Minstrel Cafe: Kelowna, British Columbia
    May 18, The Railway Club: Vancouver, British Columbia
    May 19, The Garage Showroom: Duncan, British Columbia
    May 20, Caffe Vicente: Tofino, British Columbia
    May 22, The Old Firehall: Rossland, British Columbia
    May 23, The General Store: Twin Butte, Alberta
    May 24, Ottoman Lounge: Medicine Hat, Alberta
    May 25, Lydia's Pub: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    May 27, Shooter's: Kenora, Ontario
    May 28, The Apollo: Thunder Bay, Ontario
    May 29, Loplops Lounge: Ste Sault Marie, Ontario
    May 30, The Townehouse Tavern: Sudbury, Ontario
    May 31, Mitzi's Sister: Toronto, Ontario
    June 1, The Black Sheep: Wakefield, Quebec (Kate only)
    June 4, The Montreal House: Peterborough, Ontario
    June 5, The Carden Street Cafe: Guelph, Ontario
    June 6, The Artel: Kingston, Ontario (Kate w/ Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs and The Gertrudes only)
    June 7, The Black Sheep: Wakefield, Quebec (Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs and Kyrie Kristmanson only)
    June 8, Le Divan Orange: Montreal, Quebec
    June 11, The Shadowlawn Inn: Rothesay, New Brunswick
    June 12, The Capitol: Frederickton, New Brunswick
    June 13, Stutt's Gallery: Sackville, New Brunswick
    June 14, Gus's Pub: Halifax, Nova Scotia
    June 15, Mersey House: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
    June 17, Baba's Lounge: Charlottetown, P.E.I.

    New Feeds Added

    Just a quick note to let you know about a few new additions.

    2 Blogs have been added to both the CanBlogs and Toronto sections of

  • Narratives: adventures of a history grad student

  • Thoughts and Images (Jared Saales)

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  • What's All This Then?!

  • Blackfish Pod

  • Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids
  • Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Free Nicol Lischka Downloads

    Though it's been 10 years since her critically acclaimed debut "Leaving For Omaha", Nicol Lischka is back with "Back Porch Light" - Produced by Juno-award winnter Jason Plumb. Nicol is also now in the Podsafe Download Section of as well as Band Blogs Too. You can read Nicol's (really very interesting)story on her Myspace page or at SonicBids. But whatever you do, definitely give a listen!

    New Mural in front of MoCCA

    So yesterday I was walking down Queen West and I came across some people painting a mural in front of MoCCA. It looks exactly like a photograph and appears to depict people watching a fire. Definitely worth stopping to look at - if you're in the area. I have some more photos at

    Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra: Thursday @ Tranzac

    Normally this would go in the events section, but it's kinda last minute and by the time I send out the next events list it'll be over.

    The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra is playing an early show (7:30 pm) at the Tranzac tomorrow (Thursday, April 24).

    Audio from the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra is available at

    Mint Records Signs Hot Panda

    Just days after signing Kellarissa Vancouver's Mint Records has scored another major coup - adding Edmonton's Hot Panda to the Mint roster.

    Mint's latest addtions are, by far, the hottest pandas in all of Edmonton.
    "When you get compared, in the same breath, to everything from Daniel Johnson to the Talking Heads, you know you have a sound that's hard to pin down. Since their formation during the particularly chilly winter of 2006, the members of Hot Panda (Maghan Campbell, Keith Olsen, Chris Connelly, and Heath Parsons) have yet to sit down and have the discussion that goes: "So, what should we sound like?". The result is a swath of tunes that sound like anything and everything. Brit pop, gypsy swing, opera solos, Robert Pollard style lo-fi jangles, glammy Roxy Music keyboards, and "melodies that will be impossible to dislodge from your temporal cortex" (ChartAttack), all find their home in the music of Hot Panda... sometimes all in the same song!"

    You can, if you haven't already, give them a listen on Myspace or New Music Canada.

    It's only the 1st round!

    As we wait for the 2nd round I've been keeping a playoff blog following the Montreal Canadiens. For more about what happened in the 1st round you can go to comtemplating...I simply know better. It's more of a fan's perspective as I've been a fan since The Canadiens last won in 1993. I've been picky about the fans, some who have been following (good or bad), some who just gone on the bandwagoning of the playoffs and then there is far worse. I wrote this yesterday reacting to the riots on Monday which on behalf of the real fans, feel embarrassed and disappointed:

    Congratulations to the Montreal Canadiens on recovering and playing like the team that won the division championships. Thanks for the exciting blowout of 5-0 and showing that this team can handle the pressure. Also, congrats on the fans on making a complete ass of themselves and the reputation of the team and the city itself by torching cars and breaking windows. We've now given more fuel to the Leaf Nation's fire.
    Sure, they celebrate 1st rounds like it were Stanley Cup Finals, at least they know not to RIOT in the 1st round.
    IT'S ONLY THE 1ST ROUND as I yelled this at a fan who was being hauled by two cops on my way home. REALLY, sounding like a mother who had been biting her lip for too long watching her kid do something stupid to the point it starts to bleed and can't contain her words any longer. This really spoiled already an amazing night.
    We have to acquire more guys who's last name starts with K.
    My night started at Ye Olde on The Main with a posse from The Concordian newspaper and the usual I normally watch the games with. There was an energy in the back section, screaming at the TV and gulping beer that isn't Molson. I held in my excitement (in between screaming in fear whenever the puck was in our zone, I know it doesn't help, defense does). I fully concentrated until the last 5 minutes in the 3rd period. That's when I pumped my arms up in the air and woo hooed till the clock ran out. That was a close one. Now we wait for tonight's game (Philly or Washington, take your pick). Meanwhile Calgary will be doing the same thing as us, only without the riot.
    I went by my Cafe Depot job to find the crew I work and watch the games with, I found them outside waving a Belarus flag. This is in regards to the Kostiyn brothers who have been amazing this past game 7. Off we went, flag, confused people and all, down to Ste Catherine to see the celebrations. At first we were seeing the good fans, flags on cars and jerseys. All was good until we saw the riot cops, then we knew that this was one of those situations. Or so we thought. I thought the cops were there to contain the excitement, not realising what had been having in the last 20 minutes.
    Myself and the Depot crew had a cheap pitcher of Ex and a couple shots, then met some Ukrainians who recognized the flag of Belarus. This is what I love about playoffs, everyone is united about the love of the team, the excitement of victory and the positives it brings to the city. Not quite, you got to remember that there's a lot of beer involve. Beer can equal stupid. There was the drunk girl at the bar, the glasses that hit the ground, the one Bruin fan sitting at Peel Pub, this was small potatoes to me until I headed home. The guys with the Belarus flag headed back to the Main.
    I don't normally hang out downtown, more of a Main girl however I loitered for a little bit as I was full of cheap beer and wobbled on my bike. There were the fans that were partying on the street still, playing in Tam Tam like demeanor, cars honking. No harm, then the riot cops again. I hit Crescent and noticed the smoke and smell of gasoline. I headed up knowing that my curiosity would have consequences. I looked on as I saw 7 people destroy a cop car right in front of MadHatters (not surprised that it was in front of Hatters). They were throwing rocks and stomping on the hood. A guy next to me mentioned that this had been happened in the last hour, cop cars being torched, store windows shattered. But, this is ONLY the 1st round, who are these people?I've been picky about the fans of late, there are the hardcore, the ones that know the history, the fair weather fans that have their flag on the cars and tin foil cups. What happened that night were the killjoys, no respect, an excuse to destroy things just because we normally riot come the final. Someone jumped the gun and went too damn far. This makes the team, the fans, the city look bad. Pissing off the legends of the game who would win the cup every year, yep, you pissed off Jean Belivieu;
    you don't want to piss off Jean Belivieu.
    I ducked to another bar to avoid rocks hitting my head. Watching the crowd run down Bishop as the riot cops were not too far behind. This was the only time I didn't have my camera, was pissed drunk and pissed at myself for being a bad photog. I've been lately frustrated on where my photo has been going, stuck as of late however I will get to that another time. More angry as this is only the 1st round, this is a distraction, this can cause more harm than it already has. What happens if we make it past 2nd round, what are the cops going to do? What about the good fans, it leaves a big mark knowing that there are the drunken killjoys (like the ones in English soccer), do we have to resort to new tactics. When did a hockey game turn into turmoil, I don't know but I know for one thing, it's sitting on the minds of the players come the 2nd round. The team had restored their focus, what's going to happen now?

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Rebekah Higgs Tour Dates

    Halifax's Rebekah Higgs (Recently nominated for Best Female Artist and Best New Artist at the East Coast Music Awards and who scored a whopping 91 on her Chart Report Card) is touring across Canada from April 29 - June 1. Check her out if you get the chance. You can also pick up Rebekah's album on Zunior.
    Tuesday April 29, 2008 - London / Salt Lounge W. ONFF
    Wednesday April 30, 2008 - Hamilton / Casbah W. ONFF
    Thursday May 1, 2008 - Guelph / E-Bar w. Colin Monroe
    Friday May 2, 2008 - Toronto / Ukula Over The Top Fest
    Saturday May 3, 2008 - Ottawa / Zaphod's
    Thursday May 15, 2008- Vancouver / Penthouse
    Saturday May 17, 2008- Vancouver/ The Railway Club
    Tuesday May 20, 2008- Kelowna / Doc's Willoughby's
    Wednesday May 21, 2008- Canmore/ The Canmore Hotel
    Thursday May 22, 2008- Calgary Broken City w/ Pete Samples
    Friday May 23, 2008- Edmonton/ Starlight Lounge w/ Jon and Roy
    Saturday May 24, 2008- Saskatoon/ Amigos w/ These Hands
    Sunday May 25, 2008- Regina / The Exchange
    Tuesday May 27, 2008- Medicine Hat / Ottoman
    Wednesday May 28, 2008 - Lethbridge / The Slice
    Friday May 30, 2008- Kamloops/ The Loft
    Saturday May 31, 2008 - Tofino / Legion
    Sunday June 1, 2008 - Victoria / Lucky Bar

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Is There any Such Thing as Indie Anymore?

    The tagline for is "to strengthen and preserve the independent and emerging Canadian voice" which I think I'll stick to. It may be time though for "indie" as a label applied to music to come to an end. We all seem to know what we mean when we say "indie". I wouldn't, for example, want to see CBC Radio 3 start playing Nickleback and Avril Lavigne. But, what exactly is indie anymore?

    Personally, I tend to think of it as relating to the integrity of the artist - whether or not they maintain creative independence. But is that really a genre of music? Are the Woodhands, Laura Barrett, the Dears, the Tom Fun Orchestra, Kate Maki, the Blood Lines, Black Mountain and Arcade Fire all part of the same musical genre?

    Natalia Yanchek (keys for the Dears) actually brought this subject up on her blog recently.
    Being part of a band that has been plunked into the “indie rock” category, I often struggle with the genre and what, exactly, it means. What is indie? I believe it is a dead identity: like how the title “alternative” was borne from grunge in the 90’s, and has since come to define bands like Nickelback. It’s outgrown its meaning: Death Cab is indie, but on a major label. So WTF?
    The term “indie” essentially used to mean “not major label” and oftentimes “not on any label.” But now the new “indie” had been commodified and major label bands can be indie rock.
    I'd add that it's difficult to even define what constitutes a major label these days. To me Warner Bros, BMG, etc., are the 'major labels.' They are the ones identified with continuous attacks on the internet, frivolous law suits, screwing artists and fans at every opportunity etc. But what if we set aside the battles of the last decade? Arts and Crafts have come to, almost, define 'indie' but can a label that represents Feist and Broken Social Scene still be considered a 'small label'?

    There is an entire film on the subject of what indie is, appropriately titled What Is Indie?
    It is clear though that 'Indie' has become fairly useless as a definition. It is entirely subjective. To some the Arcade Fire and Feist are still indie, to others they are not and virtually every new band, no matter how well funded, considers itself 'indie'. I would even go so far as to say that all genres have lost their reason for being. As the world becomes smaller and the number of influences people are exposed to grows and becomes more multicultural the lines will blur still further. Unless you work in a record store and need to figure out where to put things - it may be time to simply divide things between what you like and what you don't. It would certainly make radio better and more interesting if there were no labels, no genres to decide what should and shouldn't be played and the playlist was simply made up of good music.

    Concerts on Demand: Kate Maki

    Kate Maki, the celebrated musician and Sudbury school teacher who recently released the widely acclaimed album "On High" featuring the single Blue Morning and is reportedly working on a "cool new band" with partner and frequent collaborator Nathan Lawr has a full concert up on the CBC's Concert's On Demand site.
    "In February, Sudbury artist Kate Maki finally released her CD "On High" after almost two years of healing a serious case of pinched nerves which halted her musical career.

    She's back in action, and brought her northern folk-pop to rock the house at the National Library of Canada in December with music that's been called Jazz, Folk, and Americana...and compared to early Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams."

    This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite parts of the CBC website and, because it's Sunday and Kate Maki's music is close to perfect for Sunday listening - go and give it a spin (or whatever we do now that everything is digital). - you can also visit for the Concerts on Demand home page.

    Last Minute Gentleman Reg Show (Toronto)

    According to a note sent out this morning Gentleman Reg (Reg Vermue) will be playing this Wednesday (April 23) at the Tranzac with Gret Aunt Ida and Bellewoods - the show will start at 9 pm and is expected to be over by midnight. Reg also mentioned that this is his first Toronto show since New Years and that this might be a 'disappearing act.' We'll hope not but I'll pass it on if I hear anything.

    Gentleman Reg - Over My Head (directed by Sara St. Onge)

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    One More for Record Store Day

    One more for Record Store Day, because I can't think of a more fitting song, at the moment, for record stores and the artists who fill their shelves (and sometimes stock their shelves too).

    Happy Record Store Day

    For those of you who don't know, today is Record Store day. CBC Radio 3 did a whole contest to find the "Best Record Store In Canada". The award, surprisingly, went to Meow Records of Prince George, British Columbia.

    Record Store Day was started to celebrate the Record Store as a musical community center, as well as bring people in to their local record store (where they may not have been in awhile.) Stores across the US, UK and Canada participated in the event with in store performances, special sales and other events.

    From CMJ
    Organizers hope to thwart the notion that the record store has gone or is going the way of the buffalo, as well as call attention to the nefarious ways of corporate big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy.

"Independent anything gets my vote," says Eric Levin from Criminal Records in Atlanta. "As long as I'm kicking against the corporate pricks I'm deliriously happy. There's been a strange misconception that the record store was an endangered species, which is very far from the truth. It doesn't matter if the New York Times reports the end of music retail, if it isn't true. We just wanted to shine a light on that fact."
    Sadly I fear that far more record stores will fall off the map before all is said and done. Although my personal favorite is Soundscapes I still recommend that people buy from as often as possible because, quite simply, it's the best way to get the most money to the artists themselves.

    Today I went to Sunrise Records, on Yonge Street in Toronto for Laura Barret's instore performance. I didn't miss the irony of attending a "Record Store Day" event across the street from "Sam the Record Man" whose signs still dominate that part of Yonge Street.

    Laura, as always, was brilliant - sadly it was not her crowd. Most of the crowd was made up of teenagers, of the particular variety that is already swallowed whole by the Matrix, who had come to see Ill Scarlet (peforming later in the evening). Still, I think Laura won a few new fans and it is important to rescue those who can still be rescued.

    Free Gravity Wave Downloads

    So here's the skinny, I was supposed to get pics etc., from the Gravity Wave Free Party (pdf) - which I was unable to attend. If those come in I'll still post them. In the mean time though there are some Gravity Wave tunes in the Free Podsafe Download section and you can have at them.

    The Gravity Wave - Over video by Jared Sales

    Additions to Band Blogs Too

    Seven new additions to Band Blogs Too today. That brings the total between Band Blogs and Band Blogs Too to 128 Canadian Musical Acts. Between these two pages you can keep up with all of them, in their own words. Bear in mind that some acts aren't included simply because they don't have a blog, or don't use the one included in Myspace.

    Today's New Additions are Animal Names, Jill Barber, the Clips, Dress Whites, Jenn Grant, Kellarissa and Rebekah Higgs.

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Upcoming Toronto Events

    So, one of the many things I do is run a little facebook group for upcoming Toronto Events just a list really that is sent out once a week and links to Facebook events. I might as well post it here also. Currently it looks like this:
    April 14 - May 2 Toronto Free Library (Book Drive)

    Friday, April 18
    TWM Presents: OPOPO, Les Handclaps, Primordials, & the Assistants!

    Colour Me Rad - Kavinsky @ RANDOMLAND

    Saturday, April 19
    mission 56: the mod club 04.19.08

    Mal ArmÈ (Letterdrop III): 26 poems, 26 collages

    VONEGUT and the Slaughterhouse Orchestra

    chronic at the Cameron House

    Monday, April 21
    the Movement Movement: Premiere Screening Run The ROM

    GreenTOpia, BlueTOpia Concerned about water in Toronto?

    Wednesday, April 23
    You Can Never Bike Alone - TorontoTheBetter Movie Screening

    Thursday, April 24
    Seed Bombing (Guerilla Gardening)

    Friday, April 25
    WILDsound SCREENPLAY Festival - Friday April 25th

    Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble @ The Music Gallery

    TWM 15: Love Kills, Hojas Rojas, Holoscene!

    Saturday, April 26
    An All-Cause Rally

    Kristin's Fundraising Salon Recital, No. 2

    Sunday, April 27
    WORKING CLASS ROCKSTAR Doc about the Music Industry

    Monday, April 28

    Fringe Brittania: "The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval"

    TALENT MONDAY's at "The Supermarket"

    Tuesday, April 29
    Will Currie & The Country French CD Release Show!!

    Wednesday, April 30
    PWYC Weds w/ Halleluyah, Secret Japanese Girlfriend, and Justin Chee

    Thursday, May 1
    Legacy: Social Networking Series

    Girls Fall Down Toronto Launch

    Contact 2008 @ The Gladstone

    The Riv presents: REID JAMIESON w/Annelise Noronha - May 1st/08

    Friday, May 2
    Contact 2008 Launch Party

    Rue Morgue and Daniloff Productions present Justin Erickson's PIN-UP GHOULS

    The Inaugural FOOTPRINTS Reading Series

    DD/MM/YYYY 7" release - - -> w. Shpilberg, Revolution Love, Machetes

    Monteforte @ the Horseshoe!

    Saturday, May 3
    The MSU Harry Partch Ensemble (Dean Drummond, Director)

    Friday, May 9

    SERENADES Judy Kang, Violinist

    Sick Kids Foundation Benefit Show

    Friday, May 23
    2008 Green Toronto Festival (May 23 and 24)

    Sunday, May 25
    The Harmony of Tea & Music

    Saturday, May 31
    Pillow Fight Toronto 2008

    Million Dollar Youth Concert

    "Cycle of Fear" Movie Premiere

    BRITE! - A fundraiser for Newmindspace

    Will Currie and the Country French CD Release Party

    Long time friends of this website Will Currie and the Country French who recently signed to Murder Records are not gearing up for their first official CD Release party at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto on April 29 ( 431 College Street (College & Bathurst). Opening for Will Currie and the Country Frency, who once listed amoung their influences Bellewoods. Tickets are "$7 OR $12 for superfan combo package including entry+CD+pin". The Facebook event page is at If you can't make that show, in particular, try one of these:
    April 19th in Guelph at Jimmy Jazz w/ The Coast
    April 25th in London at the Alex P. Keaton w/ The Coast
    April 28th in Hamiliton at the Casbah w/ The Coast.
    April 30th in Ottawa at Zaphod Beeblebrox. Us headlining with 2 local openers to be announced.
    May 1st in Peterborough at the Montreal House
    May 2nd in Toronto at St. Stephen-in-the-fields Church for the Over the Top Festival.

    You may also want to check out The Chart Report Card on the band.

    Bosh Wants NOISE!

    Chris Bosh has a message to all Raptors fans:

    This all started last Wednesday when the Raps were making a solid run against the Milwaukee Bucks. Unfortunately, the Air Canada Centre crowd was silent. Bosh vented his frustration during the radio post-game show and things have taken off from there. Remember when Dave Winfield did this?

    Come on Toronto! Come on Canada! Let's make the ACC loud; let's make CB4 proud! LET'S GO RAPTORS!

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Canadian DVD Club Launches

    The First Weekend Club, which has emerged as one of the true champions of Canadian Cinema has launched their official DVD club.

    The idea is that members can either rent or buy each months film, then head to the forums to post reviews, discuss it with other members - and sometimes the filmmakers themselves.

There are many reasons to participate in the DVD Club, here are some:
    • A chance to discover some great Canadian films (oldies and newbies, alike)
    • An opportunity to connect with other First Weekend Club members across Canada
Q&As with special guests such as filmmakers, talent and film experts (based on suggestions from our members provided through a recent survey)
    • DVD Club members will also receive special codes that will give them certain benefits such as discounts on DVD purchases, rentals and much more! Thanks to sponsors such as the amazing (coming soon)
    • Additionally, to make things REALLY fun, each month, members will have an opportunity to earn "karma points" by posting reviews, entering mini-contests on the forum and completing other "missions". Various prizes will be awarded to those who have earned the most points each month.

    Because people watch far more films at home than they do in theaters and because a small and shrinking number of Canadian theaters show Canadian film at all - the DVD club seems like an excellent place to start.

    If you haven't been paying attention in recent years - Canadian Film has improved considerably since the days of Porky's. Just in the last few years Canadian films and co-productions have included the Tracey Fragments, Young People Fucking, Eastern Promises, Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Away From Her, Radiant City, Everything's Gone Green, It's All Gone Pete Tong, the Rocket, Weirdsville and the first selection in the FWC's DVD club Snowcake.

    So..check them out, at least some of them join the club, and Stop Bill C-10 before arch criminal and Prime Minister Stephen Harper kills the entire Canadian industry.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    So Long and Thanks for All the Tea

    Back in 2005, during the 2005 CBC Lockout, CBC Management and the nations media critics were caught by suprise when employees on both sides of the line took to the internet with blogs and podcasts. It would appear that the age of the CBC Blogs is coming to an end.

    At one point there were scores of them, even I had one. Since the start of april though, the last three have called it quits or gone on hiatus. Usually, in the blog world, hiatus means goodbye. Today the longest running and most read of those remaining Teamakers also made an exit.
    They're right. Times change. I've changed. You've changed. We've changed. I never thought this blog would last 3 days. I've been going on nearly 3 years.

    I've decided to take a break from this site. I'm not sure when I'll be back. It might be a while.

    I want to thank you for ever reading, ranting, contributing, cheering, commenting, complaining, conspiring, bookmarking this site or removing it from your bookmarks, falling for a prank or pulling one on me. I'm going to miss all of you, each and every one.

    It's been a lot of fun, and you made it worthwhile.
    What is ironic about the timing is that it comes just as a new round of labour negotiations are about to begin and a 2009 lockout seems likely at this point.
    It should be said that a few things remain from 2005. Inside the CBC is certainly a by-product of the CBC lockout and was actually started during the lockout, as was meant to be a part of the discussion - but I've since expanded it to include a wide variety of non-CBC related things.
    It is true though that much has changed. Most of the faces at the top of the CBC have changed including the President the general attitude toward blogging. The Government certainly seems to have changed it's attitude and the audience is more involved if not necessarily onside.

    Changes to television, radio and online are coming so fast and furious that it is hard to digest them and assess whether they are positive or negative. That said, I don't think I'd still be at it if I was just talking about the CBC - You can only cover the same ground so many times without repeating yourself. I also realized early on that there is alot happening in Canadian media (old and new), arts and culture and that much of it simply isn't represented or reflected on the CBC. When I wrote daily about the CBC that was what I was really interested in. Not just the CBC, or the lockout but the CBCs role in Canadian art, media and culture (all broadly defined.)

    I, obviously, am pressing on. There will be no 'hiatus' note that pops up on this site. And I would invite Ouimet and the others who've stopped, to feel free to join me here if they'd like to (even occasionally) weigh in on the CBC or other topics close to their hearts.

    Hopefully Ouimet will return, and hopefully it will not be a new labour dispute that brings about that return. In any case I applaud him or her and the others for hanging in as long as they did and speaking their truth.

    Monday, April 14, 2008

    The Kids in the Hall Return!

    The Kids in the Hall are getting ready to launch a massive North American Tour. It's good to have them back, but sad that so few dates on their schedule are in Canada.

    A Quick Word With Kids In The Hall - Now on tour!

    17 Apr 2008 8 pm Wang Centre Boston MA
    18 Apr 2008 8 pm Nokia Theatre New York NY
    19 Apr 2008 7 pm Nokia Theatre New York NY
    19 Apr 2008 10:30 Nokia Theatre New York NY
    20 Apr 2008 8 pm Nokia Theatre New York NY
    22 Apr 2008 8 pm Verizon Theatre Houston TX
    23 Apr 2008 8 pm Nokia Theatre Dallas/Grand Prairie TX
    24 Apr 2008 7 pm Uptown Theatre Kansas City MO
    25 Apr 2008 7 pm Barrymore Theatre Madison WI
    25 Apr 2008 10:00 Barrymore Theatre Madison WI
    26 Apr 2008 7 pm Orpheum Minneapolis MN
    27 Apr 2008 7 pm Burton Cummings Theatre Winnipeg, MB
    30 Apr 2008 8 pm Keswick Theatre Glenside PA
    2 May 2008 8 pm Seneca Casino Niagara Falls NY
    3 May 2008 7 pm Warner Theatre Washington DC
    4 May 2008 7 pm State Theater Easton PA
    8 May 2008 8:30 pm The Grove Anaheim CA
    9 May 2008 8 pm The Orpheum Los Angeles CA
    10 May 2008 8 pm War Memorial San Francisco CA
    11 May 2008 8 pm Arlene Schnitzer Portland OR
    13 May 2008 7 pm Kingsbury Hall Salt Lake City UT
    15 May 2008 20:30 WaMu Theatre Seattle WA
    16 May 2008 8 pm Red Robinson Show Theatre Coquitlam, BC
    17 May 2008 7 pm Jack Singer Concert Hall Calgary, AB
    18 May 2008 7 pm Jubilee Edmonton, AB
    20 May 2008 7 pm The Pageant St Louis MO
    21 May 2008 7 pm Ryman Auditorium Nashville TN
    22 May 2008 8 pm Hard Rock Live Orlando FL
    23 May 2008 7 pm Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater FL
    24 May 2008 7 pm Cobb Energy Center Atlanta GA
    25 May 2008 7 pm North Charleston PAC Charleston SC
    29 May 2008 8 pm The Chicago Theatre Chicago IL
    30 May 2008 19:30 Royal Oak Detroit MI
    31 May 2008 8 pm Playhouse Square Cleveland OH
    1 Jun 2008 7 pm Weidner Center Green Bay WI
    3 Jun 2008 7 pm Centennial Hall London, ON
    5 Jun 2008 7 pm Massey Hall Toronto, ON

    Born Ruffians In Store

    If you're in Toronto on Sunday, April 27 and you happen to pop by Soundscapes at 4 pm there will be a in store performance by the Born Ruffians.

    Also (as long as you're writing on your calendar don't forget Laura Barrett will be at Sunrise Records for an in store of her own at 4:30 on Saturday April 19.

    Born Ruffians - Hummingbird

    New Kara Keith Downloads

    Kara Keith has been a resident of the Download section for awhile now. Three new tracks have been added to her page though - "Whispering Bones" was recorded in studio by Pietro Summarco, the other two "Visions Fugitives" and "This Love" were recorded live at the Banff Center. If you listen to Radio 3 you have no doubt heard Kara's "Kick This City" which is also available for download. This May she will head to Montreal to record her first full length solo album with Howard Bilermen (who has also worked with groups like the Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade).

    To download the new tracks visit

    To keep up with Kara's doings you can add her on Myspace or become a fan on Facebook.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Interview Yourself for

    This appears on the new page but I'll repeat it here anyway. is primarily a blog, little bits of fact, opinion and observation published without any 'style guide' or 'journalistic standards and practices'. Still there are sometimes people who want to be interviewed, or have an opinion to express so I've created this easy to use form which you can use to interview yourself. If it has anything to do with what this site is about and isn't spam, I'll publish the finished piece. Just answer the simple questions below:
    So, people are invited to come and interview themselves, say what they want about whatever is going on and as long as it's not completely off topic for this blog, as long as it's not spam, or about non-Canadian stuff I'll publish it.

    Just so you know: I won't edit it. I'll post it the same way it comes to me which is a kind of form. If you'd like to interview yourself about...whatever - you can find the form at

    This is the test run:

    The submitted value of field named "Name" is:

    The submitted value of field named "Headline" is:
    This is a test

    The submitted value of field named "Quote" is:

    The submitted value of field named "Who" is:

    The submitted value of field named "What" is:

    The submitted value of field named "Where" is:

    The submitted value of field named "When" is:

    The submitted value of field named "Why" is:
    test some more

    The submitted value of field named "What else?" is:
    test `123
    ------------------------------------------------------- = Some Changes + More Facebook Stuff

    I've done a bunch of maintenance stuff today, some things are gone - others are new.

    First, I've added a DIY Intervew thingy - more on that in a few minutes (it'll be the next post)

    Second, I've removed the notice board - too much time spent separating the vast amounts of spam from the few real submissions. The CanCon cast has also gone away for now, I simply don't have the time - but I hope to bring in a new mixtape podcast at some point

    Third, there are some new links in the vast list entitled 'More Links' that appears on every page

    Fourth, I've added a bunch of new things to the 'Facebook Links' section. The new additions are:

  • Art at Elite

  • Bound to Create Theatre

  • Canadians for Net Neutrality

  • CBC Radio 3

  • CBC Radio: Fuse

  • the Diableros

  • Events Toronto

  • FUSE magazine

  • Gentleman Reg

  • the Islands

  • Just Canadian Talent

  • Keep
    your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!

  • Mint Records

  • Most Serene Republic

  • Newsoundspace


  • Rural Alberta Advantage

  • Save Jpod Now!

  • Show & Tell Gallery

  • Stop the Throttler (Bell)!!!

  • Superfantastics

  • Support the new CBC 2

  • Theatre in Her Shoes

  • Toronto Film Network

  • Toronto Free Gallery

  • Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival

  • Toronto's Official Dance Theatre and Opera Group

  • TWM @ Rancho Relaxo

  • Wavelength Music Arts Project

  • White Whale Records: Making Music With Your Friends
  • Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Vancouver Last Minute Show - Said the Whale

    Said the Whale has added a last minute show - tomorrow night (Sunday, April 13) at the Media Club in Vancouver. The show starts at 9:30ish with "Maurice, Lotus Child, Aidan Knight, and possibly one more band whose name may or may not rhyme with "Gay Lotion".". This is also a "prom party"
    Also, please note that this show is a PROM PARTY! That means ladies, dust off that old prom dress, boys, squeeze your fat ass into your old suit and slip a mickey of vodka into your boxers, cuz we're re-living prom night!

    also note that this will be our LAST show in Vancouver until our CD Release show tentatively scheduled for June 5.

    ok hopefully see some of you there!

    Said The Whale - This Winter I Retire

    Update: Upcoming Laura Barrett Stuff

    This just update on Laura Barrett's soon to be released album, along with some upcoming shows (starting tonight) and other future plans - if you'd like to get this kind of stuff first hand you should join the Deception Island Optimists Club on Facebook.
    "Hey all!

    So Laura's pretty much, almost, super close to finishing her first full length album - recorded and mixed by the very talented Paul Aucoin!
    Soon Laura will be taking off to play a series of shows with the Hidden Cameras in Europe and will be returning in May to do do her own tour across Canada and the US (stay tuned for dates!)

    So catch Laura before she takes off...

    tonight - at the Entire Cities CD release party - at the Canadian Corps Hall at King and Niagra

    Friday April 18th - at PepperJack's in Hamilton - Supporting the wonderful Junior Boys

    Saturday April 19th - an in-store at Sunrise records - 336 Yonge St - 4:30pm Sharp!"