Thursday, January 08, 2009

Said the Whale Joins the Fight for Putzy

Vancouver's Said the Whale has joined the call to get Amanda Putz reinstated on CBC Radio 3. They have sent out messages via Facebook and Myspace urging their fans to write in. From their Myspace Blog today:
"Dearest friends and enemies,

At the risk of involving ourselves with politics and the inner workings of CBC's payroll department (which is already no doubt under immense pressure to evenly and fairly spread what limited funds they have), we will simply inquire to our fans and blog-readers:

"Don't you guys miss waking up with Amanda Putz on-air on CBC Radio 3?"

Email and tell them just how much you miss her. Maybe with your help we can all wake up to her sultry voice once again.

The whales have even changed their Myspace profile pic to this one

There is no telling how many emails Radio 3 has received at this point but Amanda's Facebook Fan Club has reached 98 (and growing by the hour) people in the last few days. Membership is especially strong among musicians, amoung whom she is very popular and people from Ottawa, which is generally underrepresented in any cultural discussions.

Currently the hosts of Radio 3 are all from either Vancouver or Guelph (broadcasting out of Toronto) - both cities have great music scenes but so does Ottawa (and Toronto, Halifax, Charlottetown, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatoon ...). Personally I think that R3 should be going for a broader range of representation in various cities.

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