Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Should Be Hot Panda's Year

One of last year's most talked about bands was Edmonton's Hot Panda. For example:
"Hot Panda is a lot of fun, easy to dance to and just might be the latest big thing, which Edmonton seems to have an endless supply of." - Jam

"Really, Whale Headed Girl is a starter album for a band looking to dig their heels into something firmer but by golly, is it ever a good way to kick things off." - Exclaim

"Comment:Hot Panda may be unsigned for now, but that won't last long. Their particular brand of off-kilter rock 'n' roll that blends elements of early, pre-Epic Modest Mouse, Talking Heads and, dare I say it, Pavement. Those are somewhat generic touchstones, but all very apt. They've already garnered a heap of accolades out west, and it won't be long before Hot Panda fever reaches the rest of the country." - Chartattack

and on and on and on and on.
And all of this is on the strength of an EP.

Now Hot Panda is coming back with the support of a label and with a full album to show off.
"It's amazing how the band can produce so much energy, but not rely on it. Usually bands need time together to find the right recipe and more importantly, time on the road to make sure the recipe is right for them. Hot Panda has already been coast to coast, watching the odometer turn (they are playing here at Gus' Pub on April 24th) and if Volcano... Bloody Volcano is any indication of what’s in store, I don’t see any signs of them becoming dormant." - Herohill
Volcano...Bloody Volcano will officially be available on Feb 10 but the send off for the album will be at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton on Valentines Day. (Regina's Rah Rah will be backing them up, doors at 9 - facebook event page here.) There are also Hot Panda dates coming up at Canadian Music Week, SXSW and a major tour is expected later in the year.

Keep up to date at their Facebook Page, Facebook Group or Myspace.

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