Monday, January 19, 2009

Transit in Ottawa: One More Rant

Okay, it's been over 40 days now since the transit strike began. As people can and will tell you at the drop of a hat, it's been getting increasingly cranky around certain segments of the urban portions of the Ottawa Valley of late.

I'm one of those cranky people. I still have problems with getting around town between the lack of transit and the weather. The latter, yes, you have to expect as part of the cost of living in Ottawa, or indeed anywhere else in Canada. I'm not going to vent about everything I have no control over here. There are other places for venting about the weather anyway.

To Ottawa City Hall and ATU 279, I say this again: please cut a deal and get it over with. Leave each other with some dignity after this is over.

To the rest of us: Let's leave'em with their dignity. Please.

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