Saturday, January 10, 2009

Halifax: Ruby Jean CD Release Jan. 16

On Friday, January 16 at the Marquee Club in Halifax Ruby Jean (aka Rebekah Higgs) and the Thoughtful Bees will unveil their new CD with support from Woodhands and Tomcat Tomcat. And there will be limited edition, hand made CDs available for the debut.

The initial response to Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees has been anything but ambiguous. From Herohill:
"Without a doubt, the self-titled debut is certain to be a regular on playlists at any indie dance night (Bones, I’m assuming you already play these jams), but like I said, it’s more than just club bangers. Sure the beat clap and synths of A Thoughtful Letter and the driving beat of You Don’t Miss Me are terrific, but it’s moments like when Higg’s vocals swirl around the rapid fire beats of Trustfund, the down tempo flow of Not About To or the subtle guitar pick that opens up the unique twist on the Paula Abdul classic, Cold Hearted that you start to realize how well thought out these tracks are. Higgs is enough of a personality to stand out from the mix, but seasoned enough to not overshadow the recipe Crowell, MacGillivray and Vatour craft."
(Herohill also has some MP3s you can download.)

And starforch:
"A potent combination of skills and personalities, and a dedication to the art of the live show have drawn these Bees both audiences and accolades, including “Best Dressed Band” in alt-weekly the Coast’s annual Best of Music Readers’ Poll. Bucking the trend of indie-rock head-hanging and woe-isme self-deprecation, this band has no fear of the fog machine."
With the Woodhands coming right before this night should be enough to make dead people get up and dance.

Have fun Halifax!

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees - Don't Miss Me (remix)

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