Friday, January 09, 2009

Dance Party of Newfoundland Touring Ontario

The Amazingly funny Dance Party of Newfoundland is kicking off a tour of Ontario on January 21 in St. Catherines.

To check out more of the funny check their Myspace Video Channel for some backyard bidets, Newfoundland Fear Factor, cannibalism jokes and more.

Jan. 21 / 09 Brock U. Centre for the Arts – St. Catharines,
Jan. 22 / 09 Oakville Centre for the Arts – Oakville, ON
Jan. 23 / 09 Gryphon Theatre – Barrie, ON
Jan. 24 / 09 Victoria Playhouse – Petrolia, ON
Jan. 30 / 09 The Grand Theatre – Kingston, ON
Jan. 31 / 09 Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre – Meaford
Feb. 4 / 09 The Rose Theatre – Brampton, ON
Feb. 6 / 09 River Run Centre – Guelph, ON
Feb 5 /09 Showplace Performance Centre, Peterborough
Feb. 7 / 09 Centre in the Square – Kitchener, ON

Guy In Chair


Anonymous said...

We saw this group at Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia on Saturday night. It was crude, vulgar and a lot of people walked out! The Victoria Playhouse has spent years building their reputation and to have 420 people complain and walk out says a lot.

Justin Beach said...

Wow, that's too bad. I saw them in Toronto and they were no more crude or vulgar than the Kids in the Hall. I guess people shouldn't play the Victoria playhouse or Petrolia it sounds like a very uptight place with no sense of humor.