Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eric's Trip Documentary and Tribute Album

According to Will McGuirk there is an Eric's Trip tribute album coming - for evidence he points to Baby Eagle's Myspace Page and an MP3 posted on his his blog
Stereo Moon and The Stables handed on this cover as a... lets say a Groundhog Day present... as you will be playing it over and over. Its to appear on an upcoming tribute record due out on Gooseberry Records.
(seriously go grab the free MP3.)

So I went searching for more info and didn't find much but I did stumble across this Eric's Trip 1990 - 1996 Documentary Trailer.
"All the digging, dubbing and editing is done. Eric's Trip documentary out soon. Put together entirely by the band, no grants or companys involved. 2 hours of 1990-1996 super8 films, live songs, interview bits, music and photos from the personal vault.
Thanks friends."



Colin said...

The Eric's Trip documentary is completed. So far I think there has only been one screening, this past August on the last night of SappyFest, right after Eric's Trip played... it was really beautiful. The film is really great, entirely comprised of old footage, in chronological order from their formation until their 1996 breakup. It goes pretty in-depth with their discography, mentioning most of their early cassettes and records. I'd really love to see it again, hopefully Rick releases it on DVD or online.

Justin Beach said...

Cool, I had no idea it had been screened yet. If you know Rick you might tell him about this: - it's kinda like Zunior for film so - no production costs, if people download he gets paid.