Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Platform: Arts and Culture

This is primarily going to be a rehash of things I've already written. It is, after all, one of the primary focus' of this blog. But just to make sure all my points are clear:

Arts and culture are vitally important, not only to the economy but to civilization itself. This is how we tell our stories and express who we are and what we want to one another and to future generations. We would know very little about our ancestors were it not for the art and literature and music that they've left behind for us.

So, if given the power I would:

  • Reverse Stephen Harper's 2008 arts cuts

  • Implement the Canadian Renaissance Project which is designed to provide significant tax breaks for the arts, both for artists and consumers, in the hope of improving the economic status of artists in Canada.

  • Implement the full recommendations of the Heritage Committee for the CBC and put a checkbox on tax forms that would allow up to $5 per taxpayer for the Ceeb (check the box if you want the money to go there) so that CBC's relevance with Canadians would have a direct impact on revenues.

  • There are also a few arts and culture aspects to the technology and internet part of this that I'll discuss when I get there.

    My Platform: Introduction

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