Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breaking Links: A Bunch of Music News

A bunch of music related bits and pieces I found today all crammed into one post instead of 7:

  • First Ms. Ruby Jean (a.k.a.) Rebekah Higgs who is debuting a new CD tomorrow night talked to the Halifax Business Journal about social media "“I think paying for websites is a thing of the past,” says the Halifax based singer-songwriter and member of the band Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. The Thoughtful Bees don’t even have a website. The band uses Facebook and MySpace for its Internet presence.

    Traditionally, musicians got their music out there through avenues such as live shows, word of mouth and posters, says Higgs. She says social networking sites and the internet are just another way of doing it. “It’s just sort of a faster way of getting things out there, and it’s inexpensive.”

  • Next up Rock Plaza Central, who are supposed to be taking a break announced a few upcoming shows.

  • Brent Randall and the Pinecones are all really happy about being named album of the week by the Globe and Mail
    and suggest that that's a pretty good reason for you to buy it on Zunior (as always $8.88).

  • Gengleman Reg has the track listing up for his new album Jet Black (coming on Arts & Crafts Feb. 24)

  • the Arkells are getting ready to
    tour Nova Scotia and Ontario with the Waking Eyes

  • Aids Wolf has posted an entire live show on their blog via YouTube

  • Kyrie Kristmanson is predicting the biggest year ever for indie everything! Not too far fetched based on what I've seen in the first 15 days.

  • and last but not least Spiral Beach reports that they have
    18 new songs mostly recorded and are looking forward to playing them at you live this spring.

  • Spiral Beach

    Photo (top left) from AJ on Flickr

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