Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nathan Lawr's wEIRD_wAVES Premeires at 9 am Tomorrow

Nathan Lawr has a new radio show 'wEIRD_wAVES' premiering tomorrow morning at 9 am (until 10am EST) on CKLU FM in Sudbury in which he promises to bring you the "weirdest in afro-soul-funk-and-jazz-ISH" If you're not in Sudbury that's not a problem CKLU is now Steamed live around the world. According to the Facebook Group it will go like this:
"Featuring the "Ignorant Alien" segment where I ask famous musicians the question: "If some aliens came to earth and wanted to know about the breadth and beauty of music on this planet but were pressed for time, what three songs would you play for them?" Stay tuned for answers from some of Canada's favourite musicians."

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