Thursday, January 08, 2009

Boost ads Literature and Visual Art groups

Boost started out with two groups Canadian Music and Canadian Film and Telvision. Each group sent out a video a week and asked people to rate, comment and share. I said when I started them that if I could expand to other arts I would and even though I haven't worked out all the details I've now done that.

They won't work quite the same, not much on YouTube and people can't really rate the stuff, but I finally decided that having them run a little differently was better than not having them at all. So, as of today Boost: Canadian Art and Boost: Canadian Literature are both up and running.

The Art group will send out a weekly link to an online portfolio or gallery, or other art resources. The Lit group will send links to sample chapters, e-books or other literature resources. Even if these things only help a little it's better than none at all.

So, this week's vids to the Music and TV & Film groups are

Andrew Vincent - Ambassador Bridge (live)

and for film I dug into 'the Vault' a bit for the DVD of Everything's Gone Green

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