Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boost: Amal (now on DVD)

Amal is a Canadian Film shot in India. It is just out on DVD (as of Tuesday): The summary goes like this:
"The film takes a close look at contemporary India and its culture through an unlikely character: Amal. A content and dedicated auto rickshaw driver maneuvering the streets of New Delhi.

Through a chance encounter with a passenger who appears to be a homeless grumpy old man but turns out to be an eccentric, aging billionaire, Amal's life is turned upside down. The billionaire, who is moved by Amal's humility, bequeaths him his entire estate before passing away. Amal has only a month to claim his inheritance. And he is not the only one who seeks to claim a share of the riches.

AMAL is a film that seeks to challenge the perception of "wealth" and the value of material things in our lives. As the film's tagline states: "Sometimes the poorest of men are the riches.""
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It is also the First Weekend Clubs DVD pick for this month. For more info see

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Boost: Canadian Film and Television is a Facebook Group that, once a week, asks people to watch a television or film trailer on youtube, rate it, comment on it and share it on facebook if they like it. There is frequently a link to a facebook group, page or other source where people who like the music can find more information or keep up with the band. Canadian artists frequently have little or no money for marketing/promotion - this is a small step to try and help them out by putting their trailer in front of as many eyes as possible.

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