Thursday, January 22, 2009

NFB Films Go Online for Free

The National Film Board has launched a 1.3 million dollar project to make it's films available online through streaming according to a report by the CBC.
"Oscar winners such as 1952's Neighbours, 1977's I'll Find a Way and 2004's Ryan are among the more than 700 films now available for screening online at"This is part of our ongoing response to the digital revolution," NFB chair Tom Perlmutter said in an online news conference on Wednesday.

The NFB, which restructured its film programs over the past 18 months to free up resources for the digital project, plans to put 10 new films a month online.

Classics such as Mon Oncle Antoine and Nobody Waved Goodbye are free for online screening, along with pioneering animation by Norman McLaren and animated films such as The Big Snit and The Cat Came Back.
The streaming site is at and the open source video software they use is available at - this link is for those of you who are into open source software, you don't need to to watch the movies. Oh by the way, you can also embed them! if you want to follow them on Twitter.

the Cat Came Back

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