Monday, January 19, 2009

Toronto Instores: Bruce Peninsula, Hylozoists and Gentlman Reg

Toronto's Soundscapes (572 College Street) will be home to three instore perfomances (that I know of) in February. They are:

Bruce Peninsula on Wed Feb. 4th - @ 7pm.
Their new album AMIAM is available digitally now and will be in stores (such as Soundscapes) on Feb. 3. They are also playing some dates with the Tom Fun Orchestra around Ontario at the end of January, see for details!

the Hylozoists will be there on Tuesday Feb 10th 6pm.
The Hylozoists new album "L'ile De Sept Villes" will also hit stores on Feb. 3. Following their instore they have a few dates around Ontario as well - - if you can't wait until the 10th to hear them check out the July 19 episode of the now defunct CBC radio program Fuse - with the Hylozoists and Laura Barrett.

Gentleman Reg will be there on Tuesday, Feb 24th @ 6pm
Reg's new and long (long) awaited album "Jet Black" drops on arts and crafts that day - so you can see him live and grab a copy of his new album on it's first day. He'll also be at the Next Church in Kingston on Feb. 27.

Word on the street (um ... ok email not street) is that Soundscapes is soon going to start stocking 'select vinyl' as well, so watch for that.

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