Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Woodhands - Electric Avenue! Get it Free

The Woodhands are releasing the 'Dancer' EP on March 3rd. Dancer will be a "collection of remixes, restylings and reworkings of the killer track 'Dancer' from their album 'Heart Attack'" You can go hear bits of what might be on that right now at myspace.com/woodhands but before you do that: You can go right now and download the track you've been waiting for all your life (though you didn't know it). The Woodhands cover of Eddie Grant's 'Electric Avenue' - it's available at http://www.paperbagrecords.com/mp3s/Woodhands-ElectricAve.mp3.

The original goes something like this


Kaitlin said...

They're not called "The Woodhands," they're called Woodhands. Would you say "The Aerosmith" or "The Led Zeppelin"?

Justin Beach said...

Hmm...Thanks Kaitlin. Dan has never objected and I'm sure I've said "the" before but I'll keep it in mind or ask him the next time I see him.

Justin Beach said...

p.s. yes I would say "the Aerosmith" or "the Led Zepplin" if only to piss off their fans for my own amusement ... yeah I'd do that.