Thursday, February 19, 2009

Small Press at Risk - Quill & Quire via Robert J. Sawyer

Rob's one of our best-known SF writers, right up there with Gibson, Robinson, Hopkinson. He's got Hugos, Nebulas, Auroras(our homegrown version of the first two awards) to his name. One of his novels, FlashForward, is being converted into a long-term US-produced TV series as I type this.

Anyway, he's spotted something in Quill & Quire, one of our main lit-magazines, that has him...concerned...about small press operations across the country. Here's his posting on the subject:

Go take a look.

As for my POV?

Looks like the attempts at fiscal containment(starvation?) of homegrown cultural industries are still in play. As if that were still in doubt.

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