Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Genie Award Nominations Announced

Unlike the Juno's the Genies I can get excited about - there is no mainstream Canadian film industry, it can't be about money because there isn't any money. For a full list of this year's nominees visit http://www.genieawards.ca/Genie29/infomain.cfm. The major award nominees are listed below, the links go to the trailers for each film. If you need more information on specific films try imdb.com or um..Google.

Best picture

  • Amal

  • Ce qu'il faut pour vivre

  • Normal

  • Passchendaele

  • Tout est Parfait

  • Best actress

  • Isabelle Blais, Borderline

  • Ellen Burstyn, The Stone Angel

  • Marianne Fortier, Maman est chez le coiffeur

  • Susan Sarandon, Emotional Arithmetic

  • Preity Zinta, Heaven on Earth

  • Best actor

  • Paul Gross, Passchendaele

  • Rupinder Nagra, Amal

  • Christopher Plummer, Emotional Arithmetic

  • Aaron Pool, This Beautiful City

  • Natar Ungalaaq, Ce qu'il faut pour vivre

  • Best director

  • Richie Mehta, Amal

  • Lyne Charlebois, Borderline

  • Benoit Pilon, Ce qu'il faut pour vivre

  • Carl Bessai, Normal

  • Yves-Christian Fournier, Tout est Parfait

  • Best documentary

  • Infiniment Quebec

  • My Winnipeg

  • Up the Yangtze
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