Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CKLU Adds Deep Archives

I just got word via Nathan Lawr's Weird Waves group on Facebook that CKLU in Sudbury has added a one month archive to their website. When you visit you can enter the day and times you are interested in hearing and then have the option of downloading the audio or listening to it online in streaming format. CKUT in Montreal offers a similar service and it is pretty shocking to me that more radio stations don't. Imagine being able to listen to any program on CBC Radio any time you feel like it (not just the ones they decide to podcast.) This is definitely a future trend and an excellent way to increase your listeners.

Nathan Lawr's show (Weird Waves) is on Thursday's from 9-10 am if you'd like to give it a listen and test CKLU's software at the same time!

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