Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Not to Use Twitter: For Journalists and Media Types

Torontoist has all the screencaps from today's Twitter conversation between David George-Cosh, the tech writer for the Financial Post and product marketing consultant April Dunford. It would appear that Ms. Dunford failed to return a call to Mr. George-Cosh. The Twitter world didn't really see how it started, but did see how it ended.

Again you can have a look at the conversation on Torontoist or (probably elsewhere by now too) but a snipped includes such gems as
"sirdavid: @aprildunford hey april - fuck you. seriously. fuck you.

sirdavid: @aprildunford if u can’t handle any heat from what u post and immediate hang up, fuck u. u know my number. u call if you want to settle. 

aprildunford: @sirdavid Re-read what you have just Twittered. Then re-read what I Twittered. Deep breaths David. Calm."
If you work in journalism or media you should print the screen cap and post it up on the wall, just to remind everyone that Twitter is a public forum and probably not the best place to have a blow up with a source.

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