Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Hours Traffic Heads Into the Studio

Not much more to report than that, except that Joel Plaskett is producing. From their Myspace Blog:
"hey gang

on sunday we head to halifax nova scotia to begin recording our new album. despite what you may have read it has no title as of yet. we're very lucky to be working alongside joel plaskett again. we've been busy recording demos with him for the past month or so trying to make sure everything will be as good as we can make it. the record will be mixed by our new pal howard redekopp, who has worked on some of our favorite albums. how can we go wrong...?
we'll try and post an update or two from the studio depending on how well we can maintain our sanity.

full speed ahead!

Good news for a chilly day though, Two Hours Traffic actually manage to sound like patio season.

Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For the Summer

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