Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toronto: Four Gentleman Reg Shows Coming

Jet Black, the new album by Gentleman Reg is due out Feb. 24 and to celebrate Reg is doing four shows in Toronto in the near future. First of all there is a listening party tonight at the Beaver 1192 Queen Street West - where everyone can listen to the new album and watch two new videos that have been made for the album.

Tomorrow Reg will be at the Tranzac for Wombat Wednesdays:
What a stellar lineup! Please come on Wednesday for a musical show with variety - likely an unlikely duets on the theme of love at the Tranzac.
8-11p.m. $6

Hosts: Kathleen Phillips and Dawn Whitwell

Reg Vermue and Jimmy Guthrie
Mary Margaret O'Hara and mystery guest
Jeremy Singer and Victoria Kent
Casey Mecija and Samir Khan
Tara Azzopardi and Paul Matthew
Bob Wiseman and Magali Meagher
Ian Russell and Julie Faught
Liz Hysen and Graeme Wilson
Katie Crown and Levi Macdougall
Liz Forsberg and Michael Armstrong
Erika Werry and Bob Wiseman
David Dineen Porter and guest
and on February 24, the day the album is released Reg will be playing a instore at Soundscapes (572 College St.) from 6 until 7 p.m.

Finally there is a March 12 show at the Horseshoe for Canadian Music Week: More details on that later. Keep an eye on myspace.com/gentlemanreg for more dates.

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