Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Coast (Doing the Opposite of the Junos)

Now that I've finished explaining why the Junos are outdated and uninspiring I should also mention that Halifax's the Cost has launched their annual Music Reader's Poll and goes about it entirely differently than most music awards. Anyone can vote and there aren't even any nominations.

Each person can vote only once and each of the categories is blank, you write in whoever you want. Now you should bear in mind that the Coast is a Halifax publication, so when they say "Best Local" they mean Halifax: Still if you've been paying attention a long list of Halifax bands should spring immediately to mind. Joel Plaskett? Rebekah Higgs (or her alter-ego Ruby Jean)? Superfantastics, Jenn Grant, In-Flight Safety (or just Daniel Ledwell)? Fall Horsie, Ghost Bees , Old Man Luedecke, Dog Day, Jon McKiel, Wintersleep???

See already as impressive as the Juno list, and that's just Halifax.

I'd worry with a process this wide open that it would just be a popularity contest, but it beats the hell out of the Juno's system. I think some combination of open voting and critics picks would be best. At any rate go vote! You can win an X-Box.

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