Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grasping at Straws or Not the CRTC Has Lit a Fuse

The CRTC and their hearings on the Internet, CanCon and New Media may turn out (whatever the outcome) to be less important than the conversation's they started. For one thing, it's now clear that nothing Rogers says should be taken seriously. They do not tell the 'truth' they say what is convenient and suits their momentary interest.

Beyond that though have a look at Denis McGrath's post on the topic. The post itself may not be as significant as the conversation that followed in the comments section - about net neutrality, broadcast vs. internet, new paradigms and the importance of getting money into new, more creative and flexible, hands.

If the CRTC's colossal overreach finally gets the conversation on where 'broadcast', Can Con, and content creation need to go to survive in this country it will be worth the hundred million - even if the money has little or nothing to do with online Can Con.


DMc said...

That's right Beach...the post wasn't much, but thankfully you guys made the comments thread interesting.

My God you make me laugh. :)

Justin Beach said...

Glad you find it so funny. Laughter is a good thing. But the post was not about everything the conversation turned into. Why that is funny I'm not sure, but yeah whatever does it for you.