Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lots of Free Music From Zunior

Have you ever visited and seen the little red and white box on the left? It's on the main page and most of the feed page. Zunior updates it periodically (once a month ish?...) anyway what it tells you is that Zunior has a free sampler and it's usually a pretty amazing collection. The current freebee contains
A.C. Newman - Get Guilty
I Could Love You More - In-Flight Safety
Confidences Shattered - Camphor
Three Hard Knocks - The United Steel Workers of Montreal
You Don't Miss Me - Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees
She's Out of Sight - Flecton Big Sky
King of the Gangsters - Geoff Berner
The Island of Seven Cities - The Hylozoists
The Garbage Man Song - The Great Outdoors
Maria - Jon-Rae Fletcher
You do have to sign up for a Zunior account to get it, but so what? They sell full digital albums (complete with the album art) for $7.99, and almost all of the money goes to the people who make the music but even if you never buy a single thing your Zunior membership will get you 150-200 (ish) free songs a year, just to make sure you've heard the stuff. I'll try, going forward, to flag it when they post a new one.

Grab the current one at

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