Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rock Plaza Central Added to School Curriculum

From the Rock Plaza Central Myspace blog:
"So, really exciting to announce that Are We Not Horses has become required listening (or as Exclaim Magazine called it, "required rocking") at two institutes of higher learning. The first, at the University of South Alabama, is on a Grad English course on Comtemporary Literature, studying
"another recent (if slightly less visible) trend in contemporary lit: the cross pollination between indie music and fiction. We’ll pair three novels with three albums—Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn (1999) with I’m Not Jim’s You Are All My People (2008), Chris Eaton’s The Inactivist (2003) with Rock Plaza Central’s Are We Not Horses (2006), and Willy Vlautin’s Northline (2007) with Richmond Fontaine’s Post to Wire (2004)—and consider not only the issues faced when moving between media, but also whether cataclysmic changes in both the publishing and music industries might, in some fashion, have given rise to this phenomenon." 

The second institute is an elementary school in Ottawa, Ontario, where Grade 6 students interpreted "My Children, Be Joyful" as "trying something new, reaching towards something they hadn't before", and they've also been revisualizing the lyrics of the song in drawings. Hopefully we'll be allowed to post some pics soon!"
It remains to be seen whether being forced to study a particular band in school helps boost your fan base or not but given that most Canadians still don't know their Rock Plaza Central basics (nor apparently how their government works) it is good to see them put where they belong - in the mandatory curriculum.

Rock Plaza Central - My Children, Be Joyful

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