Thursday, February 05, 2009

First BookCamp Toronto Announced

Via Hugh McGuire comes word that BookCamp Toronto has been scheduled for June 6. BookCampToronto is a free UnConference according to the BookCampToronto Wiki at this point, while the conference is free, you will need to bring your own lunch. While sessions are far from finalized (keep an eye on the wiki) suggested sessions listed so far include:

1. What is a book?
2. Book as social object
3. How is anyone going to make money?
4. Mobile vs the Web
5. Gaming: the New Literary Frontier?
6. Building community to build your book sales
7. The new face of publishing
8. Kindle, Sony Book Reader and the future of paper
9. The economics of free
10. Turning traditional print professionals into digital rock stars
11. Lesson learned from the music industry (or how to avoid the same pitfalls)
12. Twitter 101 - how to build loyalty in 140 characters or less
13. Digital Trends - what's happening now, where is this going, and how does it all affect publishing
14. Digital Nomads - how books connect in a world where everyone is everywhere
15. Social Media and the power of extending your book and author's brand into many media channels
16. The future of audio books - a look at Creative Commons, DRM and what's next?
17. Video Books - Harper Collins launched Jeff Jarvis' book, What Would Google Do?, in video format. What is this? Does it help sell books?
18. Publicity in a day and age when book sections in newspapers are either being cancelled or shortened
19. The Future of the Independent Bookseller
20. The changing definition of literacy
21. Creating future readers
22. Interactive storytelling
23. Book design in the digital age
24. What publishing can learn from online communities of book lovers (e.g. LibriVox, Bookmooch, GoodReads, Shelfari, add more here)
25. Publishing newbie? Skills you need & lessons to learn in the 2.0 age
26. The changing way the public reads - books are different from the computer which is dramatically different from mobile - how will publishing be affected as the way we read evolves?
27. It's not just books - an open discussion about magazines, newspapers, text books and the evolution of the printed word in multiple media channels
28. Digital platforms for authors - does a website, Blog and Twitter account really sell a book? (looking for case studies here)
29. Schools, Libraries and Educational Facilities - how does the Digital Age change the way we learn from books? 
30. Big words, small screens - books on your iPhone, iPod Touch and Nintendo DS
31. Podcasting Your Fiction
32. Reshaping the editorial process for new styles of publishing
33. Myths and misconceptions about print/web relationship
34. Territory copyright - who gets the revenue for digital books in a borderless world
35. Digital Rights Management - godly or the devil's tool?
36. The future of self-publishing
37. For musicians the website is the new album. How should authors transition their websites from marketing platform to content hub?
38. Monetizing the reading experience. When content is free, what (or what SHOULD) authors/publishers/booksellers really be selling?
39. The New Curators: Trust Agents for the New Age of Book Publishing. When old-style book vetting disappears, how does a reader find that perfect book? Will book bloggers be the answer? Will indie booksellers with their highly skilled sales staffs prevail? Can online mega-retailers (ie: Amazon) perfect their automated recommendations enough to be all the reader really needs?
40. Self-publishing and Built-in Marketability. How can self-published authors thrive without the structure afforded by a traditional publisher? Without developmental editing, a marketing staff, access to retailers and industry reviewers, how can indie authors see substantial success with their books?
41. Dynamic Pricing for Digital Content based on Demand -- Feasibility and how it can help spread the word (example: Music on Amie Street)
42. The Stupid Things Publishers Do - a discussion from readers, authors, book buyers (everyone except publishers, they can just listen!) about what drives people crazy about the publishing business. See: HarperStudio blog post (and ask Debbie & gang to come to BookCamp!)
43. The Smart Things Publishers Do - a discussion about the most exciting, innovative, creative things that publishers are doing, from the perspective of readers, authors, and book buyers.

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