Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winners: Bucky Awards and Scarves

Most of the CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards for this year were announced this afternoon (a few categories will be announced on the next episode of the Radio 3 TV video podcast. Only a few of my picks made it, but my sincere congratulations to everyone who took one home.
:: Best Road Trip Song
WINNER: Matt Mays And el Torpedo "Tall Trees"
:: Best Live Act
WINNER: Holy F*ck "Lovely Allen"
:: Catchiest Hook
WINNER: Black Mountain "Stormy High"
:: Best Collaboration
WINNER: Will Currie & The Country French/ F Sloan "Push Pins"
:: Best Lyric
WINNER: Stars "14 Forever"
:: Most Canadian Song
WINNER: Jason Collett "Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington"
:: Best Reason To Learn French
WINNER: Karkwa "Oublie Pas"
:: Top Fan Award
WINNER: Colin Medley
:: Most Unconventional Instrument
WINNER: Fred Eaglesmith "Sweet Corn"
:: Best Band Name
WINNER: Library Voices
:: Rookie of the Year
WINNER: Plants and Animals "Bye Bye Bye"
:: Lifetime Achievement (formally 'Old and Awesome')
WINNER: Teenage Head
:: Best Vocals
WINNER: Mother Mother "Body of Years"
:: Best Beat
WINNER: Woodhands "Dancer"
:: Future Classic
WINNER: Chad VanGaalen "Willow Tree"

Also congratulations to utopisteservile - who took home the equally coveted Radio 3 scarf for her video:

Thunderheist - Jerk It


Nicole said...

Ha! That's so awesome. I'M so awesome. And so are all of the winners! Woo woo!

David! said...

I was around for the creation of that! Davmuss approves of this blog post. I'm glad Mother Mother won for vocals: Best. Harmonies. Ever.