Monday, December 22, 2008

Very Sick Four Year Old Wants More Christmas Cards

This is normally outside the areas covered by this blog but, tis the season. Four year old Hanna Garman or Ephrata, Pennsylvania is suffering from a rare, incurable brain tumor. She is currently bed ridden and her activities are severely limited but she has asked for Christmas cards, lots of them. More information about Hannah can be found at or but if you have a few minutes, an extra card and a stamp the address is

Hannah Garman
259 North Reading Rd.
Ephrata, Pa. 17522

Remember the cards are for the girl, who is four. It is likely that all she really understands is that she is sick, so condolences, medical advice, laments etc., will probably only confuse her. Keep it simple and positive.

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Akbar the Swivelhead said...

Justin probably did a hoax check before posting . . . but for those of you who are now a litle bit shy of these sorts of things . . . this one's passed the Snopes test: