Friday, December 19, 2008

Ink Canada Seeks Creative Citizen of the Year

Ink Canada is an organization for "Canadian Screenwriters & their sketchy friends". They are currently looking for their Creative Citizen of the Year. The criteria:
Sometimes, when an artist or cultural industry worker truly sets the bar for caring about more than the bottom line and the credits, we organize a little group virtual standing ovation for them on our wee page, to try to bring eyes, ears & hearts to their efforts to improve the quality of life for human beings in general.

We miss more than we applaud on ink canada, largely because these model citizens are generally rather modest about their gigantic Goodness-es.

So. If you know someone who ought to be applauded for the smallest acts of Giving a Damn, or the biggest... please use this space to bring them some luv and us all some lessons on what cool really looks like. Tell us about the people you know - writers, our friends, our collaborators, our companies, our sponsors, our audience members, anybody you know of... who make the world a better place and makes us all look good by the vaguest association.... or here, at the very least, acknowledgement:
If you have suggestions you can get in touch on their facebook group - the discussion is going on at you can also add your .02 via Twitter: or, if all else fails editorinkcanada[at] - if none of this works for you I'll pass on any comments left on this post.

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