Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Torontoist is Un Cancelled

Much thanks to Julianna Yau for the tip: David Topping, Editor-in-Chief at Torontoist announced today that due to overwhelming public support Torontoist isn't going away after all.
"...a lot has changed for the better in the past week and a half, and a lot now seems possible for the site's future that wasn't before. And while Torontoist does not yet have the financial support it needs, we do have the support of our readers and our city, and that is what we've always needed most. So I'm happy to announce that up to, through, and past January 1, Torontoist will continue as Torontoist, with its existing name, existing contributors, and new content. (And, for now, it will continue to be supported technically and sustained financially by Gothamist.) It won't just be business as usual: it is the entire staff's shared mission to give the site one big concerted push, one that will see us in far better shape in six month's time and that should ensure not just our survival but our growth and success. We're going to do what we can to make Torontoist better than ever. It might, of course, not work. But we're not done—not yet."
This, to me, does not change the fact that Torontonians need to support their own more than we do. It is especially difficult for blogs. I've looked into some of the revenue possibilities for publicbroadcasting.ca and none of them were acceptable. Most would have required me to put up intrusive ads for products I wouldn't buy or to put up blog posts endorsing things I don't like and pretending they weren't ads at all. Some, such as google ads, would have paid so little as to not be worth the column space (50,000 hits in a month would have gotten me near the break even point.) So it will e interesting to see how Torontoist goes about becoming more financially viable but the key thing is that they are still here, for now.

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