Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blame the GG

You really cannot blame Stephen Harper for trying to fill the senate while Parliament isn't in session. He is just being Stephen Harper: calculating, petty, opportunistic, undemocratic and hypocritical. The person you can blame is Governor General Michaëlle Jean - who gave a Prime Minister who clearly did not have the support of Parliament permission to act as the Government without restrictions or checks for a month and a half.

She should not, clearly, have allowed Harper to prorogue parliament in the first place, but giving it to him with no restrictions on the actions he could take while we wait is unconscionable and this, sadly, will be the action that defines her term as the Queen's rep. in Canada.

Harper's move though should be all Ignatieff needs to know. This government, regardless of it's budget, needs to fall at the first opportunity.

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Sajjad K said...

I know. I've begun writing a letter (since Monday of last week) to The Queen. I wish for the immediate dismissal of our Governor-General and the countering of her acceptance to dismiss Parliament.

One of the reasons we do not have a president is to stop a corrupted and weak government like Harper's from doing things to stop other parties (such as suspending Parliament). Our Governor-General was told that Harper no longer enjoys the support of the House of Commons. She should have acted on that knowledge to stop the government.

Our country is not Harper's plaything, nor is it her's.

I pray to God that the Queen intervenes and saves Canada as is her duty.

I am willing to pay to go to Ottawa to smile, wave, and cheer when the Governor-general is dismissed.