Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Krista Erickson Returning to Ottawa

The CBC Ombudsman has finished his investigation and report into the incident last year involving CBC Reporter Krista Erickson who was accused of feeding questions for the Mulroney-Schreiber hearings to a Liberal MP.

The report concludes that it was inexperience and a lack of guidance and not bias that caused the problem. As quoted in J-Source:
"Ms. Erickson clearly did go 'over the line' in allowing the appearance that she was providing 'script' for certain sources to use. However, it appears to me that she lacked the experience and sensitivity to realize where the line was."

She should not have been placed 'in harm's way' without a better understanding of CBC policy and proper background or training in the difficult business of Parliamentary reporting."
The full report can be found here and further info and analysis can be found at the National Post, Bill Doskoch's Blog, Canadian Press and the Winnipeg Sun.

J-source also reports that Erickson will be headed back to Ottawa for January 09. Hopefully the CBC will help her in restoring her reputation at any rate I'm glad to hear that she's been exonerated and is getting back to parliamentary reporting. Hopefully in future this kind of investigation can be completed before disciplanary action is taken.

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