Friday, December 05, 2008

Support Independent Women's Radio in Orillia

A friend of a friend is pushing for a (radio) broadcast license for Orillia, Ontario. The station is an attempt at diversity, not only from large corporate owned radio chains but also in terms of gender. The station would be owned by four women, which is rare for radio - though I'm assured it wouldn't be a 'women's' station. The petition to the CRTC reads, in part:
"A focus on providing unique music, support for Canadian artists, a meaningful representation of new and emerging talent and a commitment to local news is exactly what is needed in many markets in Canada. I support this service for the very reason that we need to speak out to ensure that the broadcast system is not controlled by a few large organizations. That this is a station owned completely by women - a rarity in Canada today - guarantees a unique perspective and makes a step forward in improving the diversity.

Canadians deserve choice. Women deserve an opportunity to contribute at all levels and Canadian artists need real support. I urge the Commission to approve this application."
You can, if you are so inclined, sign an online petition in support of the license at

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