Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today's Conservative Tantrum

The Conservative Party threw a tremendous tantrum today when they finally figured out that 37% is not more than 62%. Harper did what comes naturally to him, he started lying. His basic theme is that the Liberal/NDP coalition includes the Bloc and is therefor anti-Canadian. The Bloc is not, of course, a formal part of the coalition. It has merely pledged to prop it up for a period of time.

Harper accused the coalition of refusing to display the Canadian flag at their press conference yesterday. There were, in fact, several flags - including one directly behind the participants. Harpers attack strategy is roughly similar to those employed by the McCain campaign to try to link Barack Obama to terrorism.

Given that there is no way for Harper to retain power he's decided to go out as he's always been, underhanded and sleazy.

Even if Harper gets his wish and forces an election - I agree with him, the Liberals and NDP should run as a coalition. They should run together and focus all of their attacks on Harper, they should not run candidates against one another. They should support one another in ridings where they already hold seats and should only run one candidate in other ridings - with whichever party came the closest in the last election taking the candidacy - perhaps they can even bring in the greens. The results will be no different. Harper is done.

The information I gathered in the last election is still there at publicbroadcasting.ca/election. Here are some other things you should check out:

  • the Unparty

  • Makeparliamentwork.ca

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  • Canadians for a Progressive Coalition - Coalition Progressiste Canadienne

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  • Make Parliament Work: Coalition government now!

  • avaaz.ca

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  • And a final message for Stephen Harper

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    Nuotio said...

    Hey J,
    that was a great column. The song at the end made me giggle, I must admit.

    WHY do the Conservative radio ads always sound like that harsh AM radio voice "POWER can not be TAKEN" .. yikes...

    Harper is not as powerful as the parliamentary system. Go Canada.

    Keep at it.
    Keep the hype!
    Democracy and Serenity Now!