Monday, December 08, 2008

Toronto Stories Coming to the Royal December 12

I mentioned a little while back that Sook-Yin Lee has begun work on her first feature film. But it is not her first work as a film-maker. Last year she was in town shooting one of four segments of Toronto Stories The description, from the Royal's Facebook group:
starts December 12
An omnibus film featuring some of Toronto's finest, the segments in Toronto Stories are linked by the character of a silent young boy who gets off a plane at Pearson, slips away from customs officers and wanders the city streets. En route, he provides us with a tour of Toronto the Good – and the not so good. What emerges is a portrait of a city still coming to terms with itself.
In the tradition of New York Stories and Paris Je T’aime, a group of talented filmmakers bring the Canadian city to life through surprising narratives about the assumptions we make about our environment and the strangers we share it with. This exciting project brings together filmmakers Aaron Woodley, Sook-Yin Lee, Sudz Sutherland and David Weaver, and a strong, likable cast, creating a culturally diverse cinematic mythology for a city which rarely gets a chance to play itself.

Opens December 12 at the Royal, 608 College St.

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