Monday, December 08, 2008

Conservatives Planning Attack on the CBC?

Given the Conservatives newfound interest in national unity you'd think that they would be very supportive of an organization created to build national unity and identity. You'd be wrong.

Via the Georgia Straight and Art Threat comes word that the Conservatives are contemplating $200 million in cuts to the CBC. This would continue their strategy of launching partisan attacks on anyone and everyone they perceive as a threat and, possibly, ingratiate them to the private networks who want to see the CBC slashed. From Art Threat:
"Some observers have suggested the cuts are linked to a Conservative bid to secure support from the Canada’s commercial broadcasters who would be delighted to see significant cutbacks at the CBC. Support from Canada’s major broadcasters, so the conjecture goes, would translate into favourable coverage in Stephen Harper’s fight to maintain control in Parliament, and to save his political career."
Please write

  • Stephen Harper: pm@pm.gc

  • Stephen Dion:

  • Michael Ignatief:

  • Bob Rae: raeb@

  • Jack Layton:

  • Gilles Ducepe:

  • Let them know that a budget containing these cuts cannot be allowed to pass, coalition or no.

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