Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sing Like a Dude

Calgary band the Dudes wants you to sing on a new song they are recording. Via their Myspace Blog:
"hey y'all. the dudes are recording a new song with a wee sing along at the end. it would sure be super nice to have your voices on that track. you want to? you can hear and download the sing along part right here on our myspace page! its just up there with the rest of the songs. 

a lot of people think that sing alongs are for sissies, but i say eff that junk. i say, tell it to the moustache 'cause my face is busy doing this sing along.

seriously. sing that part on your home studio er whatever, and send the file to:

best format would be a wave file but mp3 style is cool. sing alone! sing with your pals! sing with your mom's boyfriend! this is going to be LEGENDARY! good luck!

LYRICS: if it hurts, when you bleed... if you need, you can terrify me."
I haven't been able to 'download' it myself but to hear the part they want you to sing just go to and click on "sing this on our next album".

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