Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Writer's Guild Supports the CBC

Denis of Dead Things on Sticks has posted the statement from the Writer's Guild of Canada on today's cuts to CBC.
"THE WRITERS GUILD OF CANADA is extremely disheartened by the CBC’s announcement today that it will cut 800 jobs in order to balance its budget. The WGC asks: why has it come to this? We have known for more than a decade, through successive governments and through a variety of official reports, that the CBC is underfunded – the economic downturn and the resulting decline in advertising revenues have only exacerbated what was already a tenuous financial situation."
read the whole thing here. They point out, quite rightly, that this has been coming for awhile. There have been repeated calls by private and public studies, boards and commissions for years and that no government has done much about it.

The problem isn't that the CBC is biased, the problem is that the CBC does journalism and investigative journalism. They ask questions and analyze answers and this can be problematic for those in power, whoever they are. So those in power tend to not want to give them more money so that they can do even more reporting.

Personally I believe that the extra money for the CBC should come from Conservatives since they are the ones who get the most benefit out of it. What would conservatives do for entertainment if they didn't have the CBC to bitch about?

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