Friday, March 27, 2009

Avaaz Launches Last Ditch Effort for the CBC

Avaaz has launched a new campaign to Save the CBC.
And they have gathered over 14,000 signatures in the last 4 hours.

The Petition Page reads:
"The Canadian government has refused to provide loans to the CBC to cover its budget shortfall this year.

This is forcing the CBC and Radio Canada to drastically cut over 800 jobs as well as programming.

The CBC is asking for temporary loans amounting to just $6 per Canadian, or less than 2 pennies a day for each of us. We can make this happen, so let's pull out all the stops to deliver a massive petition to Parliament and Save the CBC!

Petition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper: The CBC and Radio Canada are a national treasure, and play a vital role in our culture. We urgently call on you to grant the CBC's request for a bridge loan to cover its budget shortfall this year, and commit your government to supporting our public broadcasters."
I think it would have been far better if they had done this a month ago. Stephen Harper doesn't strike me as the kind of a person who changes his mind. But, it can't hurt.

The Petition is at

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