Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Single Female Voter FTW

So here is the video from the much talked about ambush of Dalton McGuinty by 22 minutes.

A very observant person pointed out to me that you can see reporters laughing throughout the exchange. Apparently though once back at their keyboards they decided that, upon reflection, it-wasn't-funny - in-the- least. Now I won't use the word disingenuous (oops I already did). I'll even pretend that the Sun is a real news organization (but only for this post). But it was funny - those who pretended otherwise in their columns were striking a pose.

Again there was nothing to hold Daulton McGuinty to account for. He didn't lay off any steel workers - what was the province supposed to do? Pay steelworkers to produce Steel that no one is buying? Build up a stockpile of steel so that even when (if) the economy recovers the price stays unnaturally low? Peter Kormos was hoping to score some points on the Premiere based on something over which he had no control and Hall's appearance changed the mood and lessened the chance of a lynch mob - thus the douchy reaction.

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