Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exposing The Bias at the CBC

Ok so the CBC's conservative detractors continually say that the CBC has a left wing bias. It's the same stuff that conservatives in the states say bout the media in general and PBS in particular.

These same people claim that the majority of the public doesn't support the CBC - never mind that the polls disagree - that a slim majority of Canadians, including 41% of conservatives support more funding for the CBC. These people will still say that the overwhelming majority of Canadians think the CBC should be shut down.

These Canadians come from the Fox News school of reality. The Fox News school of reality goes like this: Rather than do research, or read a book, or even think about things much you just say the first thing that pops into your head. It should be something short and punchy that sounds good and that reinforces what you already think. (government is bad, tax cuts are the only thing governments should do, hand guns are a good toy for toddlers etc).

Then you repeat this silly thing, whatever it may be, over and over again and get your friends to do the same (in the states they refer to said friends as dittoheads - they are called this for a reason.) So once you have repeated your invented 'fact' often enough that you and your friends all firmly believe it's true. Then you go on the offensive against anyone who disputes them.

So, if you turn on the CBC and they say thing like

  • Evidence suggests that the world is more than 6,000 years old

  • Evidence suggests that toddlers should not play with hand grenades

  • Apparently there were no WMD's in Iraq

  • According to recent polls the majority of Canadians think the government should do more to end poverty

  • This means that they are obviously biased against conservatives - obviously. Because you know the 'facs' and they ain't reportin em. And you know that no Canadians support the CBC because you axed your dad, your mom and your sister and neither of them like it.

    Fortunately the majority of Canadians do read books, listen to scientists on questions of science and clergy on issues of spirituality and not the other way around and the majority of Canadians do support the CBC (and health care, and welfare, and employment insurance etc.)

    This rant has been brought to you by the National Post - not the article itself, but the comment section where there is so much venom and so little knowledge that I didn't know where to start.

    But by the time the current economic depression recession is over I'm pretty sure that 3 things will be true:

    1) The CBC will still be around (though it may be bloodied)
    2) The National Post will not still be around.
    3) CBC News will still be biased in favor of reality!

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