Sunday, March 08, 2009

Second (All Ages) Daps Duo Show Announced

Daps Duo have announced the second all ages show at Rolly's Garage (124 Ossington Avenue in Toronto). If you missed the first installment you missed

Tonka & Puma

the Bicycles

Skeleton Me

Golden Girls

and Oh No Forest Fires
(This vid is not from Rolly's Garage)

If you miss the next one you'll miss Bonjay, Kat Burns, Boxes & Bags, the Pixelators, a super secret special mystery guest who won't be revealed until the day of the show and pizza and hot chocolate and do you really think you'd be able to live with yourself if that happened? No you fucking wouldn't.

Check out the Facebook Event Page and/or join the group and keep up on all the Daps Duo happenings.

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