Tuesday, March 17, 2009

James Moore should Resign

Heritage Minister James Moore said today that the CBC could be looking at 6-1200 job cuts. The thing is Moore is in a unique position as the closest member of government to the national public broadcaster. That means that either

a) Moore took it upon himself to release sensitive, secret information before the CBC could


b) Moore senselessly, callously and needlessly caused panic among thousands of CBC employees for his own amusement.

In either case Moore should resign his office and his seat in parliament or be fired and removed from caucus.


Dwight Williams said...

My fear is that Moore will neither resign nor be fired; He is doing exactly his Prime Minister's bidding.

Dwight Williams said...
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John from BC said...

I can't comment about James Moore because I don't know what he said about the CBC. However I support the idea that the government should not be in the broadcasting business. The CBC should be sold and the government eliminate the one billion dollar subsidy.

Dwight Williams said...

Respectfully, John, privatization of the CBC is a non-starter. Particularly in the eyes of us publicbroadcasting.ca regulars.