Monday, March 02, 2009

Spacing Radio: Spacing Launches First Podcast

Spacing the magazine dedicated to public space and home of Spacing Toronto and Spacing Montreal has launched Spacing Radio. If you don't already know what Spacing is all about the about section reads:
"Public space is at the heart of democracy. It’s where people interact, teach, learn, participate, and protest.

But environmental degradation, commercial self-interest, and infrastructure neglect have come to dominate our cities’ streets. Fortunately, imaginative and passionate city-dwellers worldwide — and in Toronto in particular — appreciate the endless possibilities that cities can offer. They are resisting the co-option of their communities through random acts of beauty and intellect.

Inspired by these actions, we launched Spacing in December 2003 to cover the numerous political, cultural, and social issues affecting our lives in the public realm. We want the magazine to be an integral, independent, and unique voice that brings to life the joys and obstacles surrounding Toronto’s public spaces.

This city is a special place — we’re excited by its people and its neighbourhoods, its sidewalks and its graffiti. Spacing is here to help our readers understand and take ownership of Toronto's urban landscape."
The first episode of the new bi-weekly podcast Spacing Radio features Spacing publisher Matthew Blackett on why Spacing has started a podcast, a report on London's experience with "congestion charges" (tolls for driving into London's downtown core) and what this might look like in Toronto as well as Toronto's the Bicycles.

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