Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jian and the Burn Out

With all of the talent in Canada you have to wonder why Jiam Gomeshi decided to have the Boxmasters on at all. The Boxmasters, in case you don't know, are a thoroughly mediocre country-ish band headed by burned out actor Billy Bob Thorton. It turns out that Thorton is not only burned out as an actor but is pretty burned out in general and is still egotistical/douchy enough to think that he deserves credibility as a musician without having to mention his acting career.

Jian if you ever need suggestions I can give you 100 bands who will do the show, answer any questions you may have about their current or previous jobs (waiting tables etc) and will actually perform with their bands. If you happen to be going to see the boxmasters in Toronto, Montreal or London please throw things, they like that (preferably at them, try mashed potatoes and gravy.)


Jordan S. said...

I wish Billy Bob were coming to Edmonton. The price of admission would be worth throwing Poutine on him for sure. Jian is my hero.

Dwight Williams said...

Thornton sounded to my ears like a politician on the verge of facing charges of malfeasance or worse.

The rest of the show was far more entertaining, which underscores your point. Fortunately for Ghomeshi and company, they already have that other talent lined up.


Remember the Arkells from earlier this week? They got a sale out of me on the strength of their Q appearance!

Downes said...

Yeah, there's lots of talent in Canada.

And there's lots of talent in areas outside music, film and television, but these get disproportionate coverage, even on CBC.

I know Ghomeshi focuses on media. But I wish he would apply his talent to media beyond mere musicians and entertainment.

Because there _are_ some things rock stars don't know.

Dwight Williams said...

Speaking as part of the talent outside of film, tv, and music, I've few complaints with Q's coverage of the rest of the media arts so far.

Mr. Ghomeshi could do with riffing off the Sequential blog on Canadian comics news from time to time, mind you, mining it for ideas on local comics talent...