Sunday, April 05, 2009

Godsend Timesaving Sites for Musicians

I've talked to many musicians and managers of musicians about which social media sites they should be on: Twitter? Facebook? Myspace? YouTube? etc.

The answer of course is all of them. Each of these sites have millions of users and, when you are promoting yourself, anytime you can reach millions of people for free you really should do your best to do it.

Now there is a tool that makes it all much, much easier. Artistdata is a new site (still in beta mode) that lets you update all of your sites at once - so you send a update to artistdata and it updates Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LastFM and a dozen or so other sites for you. So instead of going to all of these sites to update your info you do one simple update on artistdata and artistdata updates everything for you. (Thanks to Artists House Music for the heads up on this!)

Also, in case you don't already know about it there is another site you should check out that does the same for video. Tubemogul takes your video and puts it on YouTube, Myspace, Yahoo Video, Vimeo,, and about 20 other video sites.

So, now you can be everywhere while investing the same time it would take you to only be on Myspace!

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