Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Beware the Wounded Animal

By turning their back on the CBC against the will of the public and then trying to kill the long gun registry against the wishes of Canada's police forces the Harper government is showing all the signs of a group that knows they will soon lose power. Ever since Ignatieff replaced Dion as Liberal leader the Liberals are moving up in the polls and the Conservatives are moving down. To make matters worse (for the Tories) the Liberals are up in Ontario and Quebec and both the NDP and the Bloc have been losing some ground.

So, with it looking more and more like the Tories will lose the next election (whenever it comes) and the Liberals gaining more and more traction with each poll Harper's conservatives are starting to push their real agenda, trying to gain what they can before being forced from office or, failing that, to get the Liberals to force an election while the polls are still close.

Scary times may be ahead.

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